11/16/2017 – TNF and College Football

All of this information is being taken from the SportsAction App.

An Ode to MACtion:

Alot of people are saying that the NFL ratings are down recently because of over saturation of the sport and that there is just too much football on, and that is quite literally the dumbest statement ever. Because there isn’t such a thing as too much football, football season is the time of year where you drink all day Saturday and Sunday, and take 6 shits at work on Monday and spend the rest of your day watching highlights from games you watched live but you know you need something to get you over that crippling depression knowing its another week until a full slate of games. This is where the MAC steps in, sure Monday Night Football is great, but it’s just one game, and color rush sends some blood to your nether regions but you still feel empty during the weeks, your still left with a thirst that can only be cured by one thing… more football. This is where the MAC steps in and saves the day, all those days where there isn’t NFL games to watch you have the MAC to cradle you in it’s arms while you suckle on it’s teet and it tells you it’ll be okay big dog I’m here for you. The MAC is nestled away in football country, where there are two things to do, watch football and drink. I mean just look at that map of the MAC if seeing that picture doesn’t make you want to take off your shirt and rub your nipples than I don’t know what will. All of this is what makes the MAC so great, it gives you that football fix on the days where the NFL isn’t on, I would go as far as to say that the MAC has done more to combat depression than medication ever. So I want to say thank you MAC thank you for giving me something to gamble on during the week, thank you for being the light on the darkest day, for being football fans knight in shining armor, thank you.Mid-American_Conference_detailed_map_updated


Now Onto Picks:

Buffalo (4-6) @ Ball State (2-8)/Line: Buff (-19)/Open: Buff(-17.5)/ OU: 55/ OU Open: 56.5/ Public: 67% Buff & 82% O

Big Dogs Thoughts: Ball State (+19) / Over 55

It’s tough to not bet on Ball State to cover here, 19 point home dogs, and the line has moved towards Buffalo’s favor with the public betting over 65% on them, that is a recipe for Ball State to cover. No one in the MAC plays any defense and 55 seems way too low for the line to be set which is why you see the public betting it heavy. While I normally don’t like to bet with the public in this case I think it’s the move.

Tulsa (5-5) @ USF (8-1)/Line: USF (-22)/Open: USF (-23)/ OU: 64.5/ OU Open: 68/ Public: 74% USF & 74% O

Big Dogs Thoughts: USF (-22) / Over 64.5

Like I said above I don’t like to bet with the public because the public are a bunch of morons (myself included) but here is seems like the public has it right.

Titans (6-3) @ Steelers (7-2)/ Line: PITT (-7)/Open: PITT (-6.5)/ OU: 44/ OU Open: 45.5/ Public: 61% PITT & 66% O

Big Dogs Thoughts: Titans (+7) / Under 44

I can’t get a read on the Steelers, sure they are 7-2, but they also had to come from behind to beat the colts last week. Then you have the titans sitting at 6-3 riding a 4 game win streak, so I’m going with the Titans. I don’t think they will win but I also think that it will be closer than 7 points, that seems high for two teams I consider pretty evenly matched. Going with the under because in the last two games for each team the combined scores in all four games has been under 44.

That concludes the first blog post, I will try and post one of these every day with my picks for that night or for the weekend slate of games each Friday.


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