First blog post

I heard about word press from one of the many podcasts that I listen too and thought I’d try my hand at blogging. I’ve never been a very good writer or very creative, but I get bored at work and having something to pass the time other than scrolling through twitter seemed like a good idea. As the title of the blog says this is a sports betting advice blog, where I’ll run through some NFL, NBA and NCAA football and basketball games each day.  I will start a new blog when I come into work and whenever I have some down time or during lunch I will write a little and publish it before I leave every day. I’m a Jets and a Sixers fan so I don’t bet on either of them, but don’t worry I will give write ups each day after games. I’m not very successful at betting but I do have a few rules of thumb when betting, 1. bet on a home underdog, 2. bet against the public, 3. if the public moves the line toward their bets, ALWAYS bet the opposite, and 4. parlay party. Any way welcome to the blog, I hope you enjoy the reads.

-Big Dog Hyland

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