Review Of The Night

Good morning everyone and welcome back to Big Dogs Blogs, I’m here to give you a quick recap of how I did betting last night. First well start with Buffalo vs Ball State, where Ball State covered and the Over hit, just as I predicted. I’m not surprised because this season betting on the MAC if I’m being conservative I’d say I’m sitting at about 98% correct. Next onto my other winners being the NBA picks I had, which can be found here. NBA Picks Anyway to save you some reading I went a perfect 4-0 against the spread and OU. However it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflys, we did go 0-4 in the other football games, but if you’ve read the about section you’ll know I once scored 2 touchdowns in a high school football game so I’m bound to start hitting my football picks.

So overall we went 6-4 on the night, and went +1.45 units on the sports action app. Well that concludes the run down of last night, from here on out I won’t be sharing all the line information and movement I’ll just be sharing my picks and a little analysis why I’m picking that way.

-Big Dog Hyland

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