Weekend Recap


We had an okay night in the NBA going 3-2, to put us on the season at 7-2, and anyone who has seen my prowess on the basketball court shouldn’t be surprised by this heater that I’m currently on, and I will have some picks for tonights games come out a little later. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the choke job by the pistons in the fourth quarter of that game Friday night, which lead to one of the losses. The pistons were leading by 10 going into the fourth quarter and sitting at +1.5 I was thinking to myself no way they lose this one, well sure enough they absolutely shit the bed on me and now it’s making me question whether I really think Stan Vans mustache is that sweet, real dark times for me here, as that was one of the few things I was sure of.


Went 2-2, not great, bringing my NCAA record to an abysmal 4-6, but we will reevaluate and be ready for rivalry week and I guarantee some winners coming. Will Greir’s finger exploding didn’t help with my WVU -3 line, and UNT and the terrorists won this round over Army, covering the 2.5 point spread. We have MACtion on Tuesday so stay tuned for that, because as you all know the MAC is bettors paradise.


Went 2-1, I forgot how much of a liability Andy Reid is when he can’t be in a Hawiaan shirt, but don’t worry, wont happen again. We got the Seahawks and Falcons going at it tonight, I took the Seahawks -3, if we could take a second and enter the trust tree together. *Steps into Trust Tree* I’m kinda regretting that pick, Kam Chancellor and Sherman are out, and Duane Brown is most likely out as well, my bet isn’t looking great, BUT I stand by my decision and the Falcons are losers and they will lose this game.

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