Fireside Chats With The Big Dog

Fellas, let me start by saying that I know my picks haven’t been up to the standard a site titled Betting Advice should be. If I’m claiming betting advice I need to be better, and I will be, however on a side note if you have been betting along all the games I’ve been telling you and haven’t been doing as well as you’d have liked that blame really falls on you not me. My only claim to being worthy of giving advice on sports is that I was a below average high school athlete 5 years ago. That was it, that is why I said you should take my advice, so if you’ve been following my bets with real money that’s on you not the big dog, my conscience is clear. Having said all that, I want you to go into your wallets take out your debit card and load a minimum of $10,000 on to an online sports book because I have got some GUARANTEED MACtion winners, it’s not hyperbole when I say there are rumblings of firing Jon Steinbrecher and naming me Commissioner of the MAC because I own this conference. I’m sitting here and thinking of my record of betting on the MAC and whille I could easily find out the actually win/lose record I’m gonna spit ball and say I’m 47-3 on the year, so trust me when I say you’re gonna wanna bet these games I’m giving you. Onto the picks  winners.

KENT (2-9) @ AKRON (6-5): Line: AKRON(-15)/ OU 46.5

Play: AKRON (-15). Akron is 8-3 against the spread this year they are the cream of the MAC east crop and that’s no easy feat with power houses Ohio, Miami(OH) and Buffalo also in the east. Kent Stinks they have scored over 20 only 1 time this season and have lost by over 19 in their last 4 games I expect that trend to continue tonight. Bonus play in this game is over 46.5, seems low considering Kent has given up over 42 in their last 4 games, yikes.

Miami (OH) (4-7) @ Ball (2-9): Line: M-OH (-18)

Play: BALL (+18). Ball State Stinks, but 18 point home dogs, just seems disrespectful to the Mike Neu lead cardnials. Expect Mike to get his boys excited for the Tuesday at 7 games, an you already know Muncie, Indiana is gonna be up for this game. I don’t expect them to win but I do expect them to cover.

Bowling Green (2-9) @ EMU (4-7): Line: OU 59.5

Play: Over 59.5. Bowling green is averaging giving up 40 points a game, last game of the season for both teams so it’s gonna be a shoot out, neither team has anything to play for, probably gonna be cold, no one is going to want to tackle the other team, and I don’t know how much my readers know about football but if you don’t tackle the other team that is a recipe for points.

Now this article is to be enjoyed by a nice fire with an ice cold beer in your hands, if you don’t have a fire place use a large candle instead it’s basically the same thing. So lets sit back relax get ready for Thanksgiving (my personal favorite holiday, and it should be yours too, and I will tell you why in a blog I will write tomorrow, or Thursday), enjoy some real football, some good food and of course these winners I just gave you.

Sincerely Yours,

Big Dog

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