Winners, Winners, Left Over Turkey Dinners

Welcome back everyone, I know you missed me during my brief hiatus, I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving and ate way too much, drank way too much and lost way too much betting on sports, because I know I did. If you’ve been following along with the blog you know that I have been murdering the NBA since I started this blog, and if you’ve read why I started this blog you aren’t surprised by this. With only the Monday night game left in week 13 of the NFL we are gonna focus our attention to making some money betting on today’s NBA slate of games.

First game we will take a look at is my Philadelphia 76ers.

Cavs (12-7) @ PHL (11-7); Line PHL (-2.5);

Play: PHL (-2.5), now look I normally don’t like to bet on teams I root for because I have an unrealistic view of them, and think they are the best team in the league regardless. However, the Sixers are the clear best team in the league, and this is a game where they will want to assert their dominance to the Eastern Conference and show they have arrived. I mean who on the Cavs is gonna stop Embiid, Kevin Love? Not in this life time. In fact Joel Embiid might get in his head so much, coupled with Lebronn¬† questioning his man hood, we may witness Kevin Love crying on the court today, just something to keep an eye on. Yes the Cavs have played well recently but so have the Sixers, Sixers win by 30 and rest their starters for the second half. Also on a little side note, the Sixers this year are 14-4 against the spread, and the Cavs are 6-12-1, if you don’t take the Sixers here you’re essentially lighting money on fire.

POR (12-8) @ NYK (10-9); Line PK;

Play: NYK (PK), Knicks are 9-3 at home, and the Blazers are 5-4 on the road, add that to the fact that this is the end of a 3 game road trip, they will just be wanting to get the hell home. To give you a second opinion on this game I take you to Big Dogs Betting Advice’s personal Knicks reporter, Mario Zambrano-Viveros “Knicks win better”, Mario commented this on the ESPN game page so you know he knows what he’s talking about, I’m taking the Knicks at home.

NETS (7-12) @ HOU (15-4); Line HOU (-17.5);

Play: NETS (+17.5), a 18 point spread in an NBA game is ridiculous, and I just can’t get myself to bet on the Rockets to cover here. The line started at -16 which is crazy in it’s own right, and then 56% were betting the Rockets and pushed it to 17.5. The Nets are 12-7 against the spread this year, sure they are down a few guys but 17.5 just seems crazy high to me, I don’t think the Rockets will run their stars more than 30 minutes, and I fully expect them to crush the Nets, but by over 18, I just don’t see it.

DET (12-6) @ BOS (18-3); Line BOS (-6.5);

Play: BOS (-6.5), I’m gonna put on my honest pants and step into the trust tree and say that I don’t think the Pistons are as good as they are playing. Is this me bitter they got out scored by 20 in the fourth against the Pacers a week ago and didn’t cover the spread? You bet you’re ass it is, they’ve lost 3 of their last 5 and the Celtics are 8-1 at home, and have done incredible covering their spreads going 17-3-1 ats. I have inside knowledge that Brad Stevens gambles heavily on the Ponies so he is always playing not just to win but to cover, so expect at least a 10 point win for the Celtics.

I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving and I hope everyone enjoys the money I made them today, take the money we win tonight and put it away and use it for your loved one’s Christmas gifts, or use it for beer, idk I’ll probably do the later but I hold my readers in higher regard.



If you are looking to put a little action on the MNF game, I would suggest betting the Under 39.5 line, Tom Savage vs Joe Flacco, there is a good chance this game ends in a 0-0 tie. Although isn’t that the true glory of football, regardless of the score, or who plays we are all winners for watching grown men run full speed into each other for 60 minutes straight, a true thing of beauty.

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