Prop it like it’s hot

Now I know my prop bets didn’t hit at all last night and if I had to guess I probably won’t ever hit one of my prop bets, will that stop me from betting them nightly… hell no, they are delightful. However I also have some game picks for my avid readers, so away we go.

Game Picks:

Warriors (-4.5) @ Hornets

Pick: Warriors (-4.5), now I know that the Warriors are without Steph Curry, but a four and a half point line is still disrespectful. Even without Curry they have the 3 best players in this game. Tonight the Warriors will be the ones doing the stinging.

Memphis @ Knicks (-2)

Pick: Knicks (-2), look for the Knicks to be the ones doing the mauling tonight in New York. The Grizzles have lost 11 of their last 12, granted that one win was their last game, but sue me if I take the other 11 as more of an indication of this team than one game. Knicks get their unicorn (probable) back tonight, playing in the mecca, Justin Timberlake won’t be there to boast Memphis morale, this game screams blood bath. NYK 102 MEM 99.

Denver @ Pelicans (-5)

Pick: Denver (+5), The nuggets will be the ones flying high tonight fellas. Denver coming off a tough lose to DAL two nights ago, the Pelicans without AD, I fully expect the Nuggets to cover a 5 point spread.

Prop Bets:

I’m only gonna give one prop bet here because my lunch break is almost over. I have to take a deuce. Now as you all know I was very excited about the prop bet feature on, and I still am, I’m already making prop bets for the Thursday night NFL game, I mean it’s a feature that lets you bet on players you like to do better than players you hate. I know that’s not how to win bets but that’s what I’m gonna do and since I’m an adult I won’t let anyone tell me I can’t. Now you might ask yourself Brian didn’t you go 0-3 last night on your prop bets? To answer bluntly, yes I did, but the best thing about prop bets is that you don’t feel like you’re loosing money even though you are. I can’t explain it but when you make a prop bet it just feels like you aren’t actually risking your financial stability, I’m telling you give it a try and you’ll understand what I mean, and if you don’t then screw you I don’t want your negativity in my life.

DeMarcus Cousins will have more points than:

  1. Kyrie
  2. LaMarcus Aldridge
  3. James Butler

Odds on this bet are +119, which I like, and it seems like a good bet, Boogie puts up a ton of points, and is really the Pelicans only viable scoring option (Besides Omar Ashiek obviously). Kyrie and James can put up points in bunches but their teams are more balanced than the pelicans, and LA is just kind of a bitch. Well like I said before it’s not like it’s real money being put on prop bets (it is by the way) so I don’t really care if it wins or not. (But really hope it wins)

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-Big Dog

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