Addressing the Nation

For today’s blog I’m not gonna give any picks I’m just gonna go through and talk about my records so far in betting each sport.


Record: 10-7, +2.1 Units (Assuming -110 spread on all bets)

Now this isn’t great I’ve had some good weeks and I’ve had some bad weeks. Last week being my best week of the year, going 7-2 counting Rich Homie Johns picks as well. Now you might say to yourself, “Big dog how do we know that last week wasn’t just luck the rest of the year you have given us clunkers”, and my response would be to go to hell. I PLAYED HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL AT A SMALL EASTERN PA SCHOOL SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVERAGE, I know my football. Plus if you took my advice and downloaded the sports action app which allows you to keep track of bets, I am 25-18-2 since I started using the app about a year ago. +4.67 units, we will be better, I will give you not all my picks but picks I think are winners. And you can take that to the bank, wait for a teller, fill out a deposit slip and cash that guarantee.


Record: 12-10, +.92 Units (Assuming -110 spread on all bets)

Again not great but I went 7-1 last week, and I will be coming out with a complete guide on how to bet the bowl games. If I went that well in conference championship games how well do you think I’ll do in bowl games (hint: 42-0) if you don’t bet my picks you might as well light your money on fire and use it for warmth because it’s basically the same thing, meaning dumb.


Record: 11-9, +1.01 Units (Assuming -110 spread on all bets)

There hasn’t been a point since I’ve written this blog that we’ve been negative units on my NBA picks, that consistency that’s the type of stuff that you read about in fiction books, that superior knowledge you won’t get anywhere else.


We might be 1-3 but read my blog “Prop it like its hot” where I clearly explain how prop bets are basically fake money so what does it really matter.

Alright guys that was my little recap, I will do these every so often to just keep everyone updated on the state of my bets and to continually convince people to read and bet my picks.

-Big Dog


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