Weekly Jets Blog – Rich Homie John

The first road game in a month brings the Jets to Denver for a 4pm matchup with the Broncos. Last time the Jets travelled was the Nov. 12 matchup against the Bucs, which was a tragically bad loss to Ryan Fitzpatrick. There’s no easy way to say this, but the Jets are a bad team on the road. Luckily, the Broncos are a worse team than the Jets no matter the location. Josh McCown is a Hall of Famer compared to the dreck the Broncos are trotting out at the QB position. Expect this to be a low scoring affair. The easy play is the Under 40.5. Cash that one and use the proceeds to buy a nice bottle of liquor to help you forget the 7 – 3 game you just watched. If you want to bet a side, you have to take the Jets -1 despite how bad a road team the Jets have been. A team in the playoff mix cannot and will not lose this one.

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