It’s the Bowl Season (The Bowl Season) So whoop-de-do and hickory dock, The Big Dogs Back To Give You Winners. Vol. 1

As promised we are back and ready to give you the picks for the bowl season that you have been itching for. I don’t want to over hype myself but If I don’t have 30 winners in this blog I would be VERY surprised. Now enough chit chat, on to the picks. Also I just decided as I was writing this blog that I will work in a little something using every bowl games name, that the Big Dogs promise to you.

Celebration Bowl: Northcarolina A&T (-7) vs. Grambling

Play: Over 51.5. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about either of these teams, I do know that Grambling has a logo that looks sneaky similar to the Packers logo and I know that this is the official kick off to bowl season. I’m a big fan of the overs in bowl games it’s the end of the seasons and coaches pull out all the tricks and gimmicks. Your gonna wanna root for points here so you might as well play you over, and you will be in for a real Celebration when it hits.

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl: Troy (-7) vs. North Texas

Play: Troy (-7). Last time Troy went into the state of Louisiana they beat LSU on their homecoming. Also I have made North Texas my sworn nemesis ever since they beat Army, because if you don’t respect the troops I don’t respect you North Texas. Notable North Texas alum include, Hitler, Bin Laden, and Toby Flenderson, that is not a recipe for success, I expect Troy to Carry the R+L trophy out of the superdome.

AutoNation Cure Bowl: Western Kentucky (-6.5) vs Georgia State

Play: Georgia State (+6.5) The hill toppers have lost 4 of their last 5 which if you know anything about sports is pretty bad. Now I know, they have an awesome mascot, but even Big Red won’t be able to cure WKU’s sadness after Georgia State covers the spread and asserts their dominance.

Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon (-7) vs. Boise State

Play: Boise State (+7). As most of you know Oregon’s head coach is leaving the program for FSU, and I just feel like whenever that happens the team he is leaving always has a let down in their bowl game. Oregon is gonna hope what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas as Boise asserts their dominance over the Ducks, Boise 31 Oregon 34.

GILDAN New Mexico Bowl: Marshall vs Colorado State (-5)

Play: Over 58. Both these teams primary colors are green and when that is the case between a bowl match up, the combined score between the two is over 60 points 89% of the time. You can’t make those types of statistics up, this is gonna be a shoot out south of the border in New Mexico.

Raycom Media Camellia Bowl: Middle Tennessee vs Arkansas State (-3.5)

Play: Under 61.5. I’ll be honest at this point in the day I will probably have had enough shitty football coaching, so I’ll be ready to watch Anthony Lynn face off with Andy Reid in Arrow head, so I won’t pay to much attention to this game. But I like the under in this game, two shitty teams, played in Alabama I don’t know I can’t even fit the name into my excerpt, what a sad ending to an otherwise great slate of games.

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl: FAU (-22.5) vs Akron

Play: Over 64. Lane Kiffen realistically might hit this over himself, also FAU is playing at home, which seems a little unfair to the Zips, and they must be a little tart about that fact. Also if I’m being honest I think FAU will also cover here, even though 22.5 is a preposterous line for a bowl game I think FAU wants to always win every game by 60.

DXL Frisco Bowl: SMU (-5) vs Louisiana Tech

Play: SMU (-5). This is a game where no defense will be played and I think it will be decided by 1 score, and since SMU has a pretty potent passing attack I think they will get the job done. Also little know fact since 1964 the year the Mustang car was first released, teams with Horse Mascots cover the spread 72% of the time in bowl games.

Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl: Temple (-7) vs FIU

Play: Temple (-7). Bad boys bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when the Owls come for you. The Philly team does their best Will Smith in Bad Boyz impersonation and Bully’s FIU up and down the field.

Bahamas Bowl: UAB vs Ohio (-7.5)

Play: UAB (+7.5).

“Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go
oh I want to take you down to
Kokomo, we’ll get there fast and then we’ll take it slow
That’s where we want to go, way down in Kokomo”

Ohio has lost their last 2 games and their last 3 bowl games, expect both streaks to end but they won’t cover the 7.5 point spread.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowls: Wyoming vs Central Michigan (PK)

Pick: CMU. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Josh Allen stinks out loud (unless he ends up a Jet), I hate it when the NFL does this where they talk about his potential and how athletic and great of an arm he has, he just needs time to develop. News flash they never get that chance to develop because they get drafted by shit teams and then are thrown into the fire because they used a first round pick on a guy who needs to sit for 3 years so they didn’t get someone who can help them now in the first round so they continue to stink and it is a vicious cycle many teams find themselves in today’s NFL. I mean sure Jared Goff and Carson Wentz have had amazing season, but the top two QBs drafted just the year before them who were supposed to set the league on fire have 0 combined playoff appearances between them. So like I said, CMU will win this one, they had a pretty good year in the MAC and I think they will cap it off with a win in their bowl game.

Birmingham Bowl: Texas Tech vs USF (-2.5)

Play: Over 68. Neither of these teams play any defense, both these teams have high powered offense, this over will hit before the 4th quarter starts. This is a lock! Bet the house on this one.

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl: SDSU (-6.5) vs Army

Play: Army (+6.5). This is disrespectful, I’m almost too mad to continue. Who do the book makers think they are, making army a near touchdown dog in the ARMED FORCES BOWL. Litterally the second Army won 6 games they accepted an invitation to this game, they are coming off winning the commander in chiefs trophy for the first time since Vietnam, they are going to roll over those pansy ass Aztecs.

Dollar General Bowl: Toledo (-7.5) vs APP State

Play: Toledo (-7.5). Toledo is going to mop the dollar general floor with APP State better than Matt Damon mops up the floors of prestigious colleges with mops. I expected this line to be alot higher in Toledos favor and I think they are a lock to win by multiple scores.

Just a little something to break up this blog.

Hawi’i Bowl: Fresno State vs Houston (-2.5)

Play: Over 49.5. In Houston’s last 12 bowl appearances the combined total has gone over 50, 10 of them, this is an easy play. Also it feels like more points are always scored in Hawi’i, no facts to back that up, just a gut thing, over hits after the first quarter.

Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas: WVU vs Utah (-7)

Play: Utah (-7). Here’s my thinking, Mormons don’t eat chicken, 96% of Utah team are Mormons. The bowl is named after a fried chicken restaurant. There is going to be a ton of free fried chicken for the players, WVU is going to over indulge and be bogged down come game time.

Quick Lane Bowl: NIU vs Duke (-5.5)

Play: NIU (+5.5). Duke has already shifted their focus onto basketball, and NIU is looking to show why the MAC is the best conference in college football.

Cactus Bowl: UCLA vs Kansas State (-2)

Play: Kansas State (-2). The fact that not only is Bill Synder still walking on his own, but coaching football games is the 6th wonder of the world. Kansas State will want to win one for the ol’ ball coach, also UCLA is starting over having hired Chip Kelly so these players really don’t have much left to play for. Also a little prop bet to play, O/U number of time Bill Synder poops his pants is set at .5. That over is the lock of the millennium, if I’m the odds makers a better line for that bet would have been 3.5 where it is now is just giving away money.

Walk-On’s Independence Bowl: Southern Miss vs Florida State (-15.5)

Play: FSU (-15.5). Fuck Brett Farve and his Alma mater.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl: Iowa (-2.5) vs Boston College

Play: Under 46. I was a little disappointed Pitt couldn’t get bowl eligible and get back into the Pinstripe bowl, because last year when they were in it, my brother and I drank more beer than and one person should and had a grand ol’ time. Unfortunate for us Pitt stunk this year. The under is the play here two good defenses, playing on a baseball field there will probably be 20 points scored combined.

Fosters Farms Bowl: Arizona (-4) vs Purdue

Play: Purdue (+4). A team like Purdue in a bowl named after a Farm, this is what we in the buisness like to call fate. This is the Blue Collar Boiler Makers, vs the Punk Flashy Wildcats, Purdue will show light the Santa Clara night sky ablaze as they beat down on Arizona.

Alright guys, so I originally wanted to just make all my picks in one blog but didn’t realize how many bowls there were and how long a blog about 41 college football predictions would be, so I’m gonna call it here and come back with Volume 2 next week with the rest of my picks.

-Big Dog



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