Weekly Jets Blog – Rich Homie

The Jets season effectively ended last week, but they will still play the games so we will still bet on the games. Ends of seasons bring about a retrospective on the accomplishments or lack thereof for a team. The Jets had highs (Buffalo TNF win), lows (Denver game) and plenty of what-ifs. What if the Jets didn’t collapse in the 4Q against Miami? What if Mike Pennel didn’t commit a boneheaded Roughing the Passer against Cam Newton just ahead of the 2 min warning? What if Jeremy Kerley caught the punt against the Falcons? What if ASJ’s touchdown against the Patriots wasn’t overturned? I’ll tell you what if – the Jets would be a damn playoff team. But as it stands this year extends the Jets playoff drought to 7 seasons. Will the Jets make the playoffs next year? No, they will not. Did the Jets make any progress during this season to get better? No, not at all. But we still bet on the games and thats what matters.

The Jets are officially eliminated from the postseason but I still expect them to play hard. This is a young team with many players fighting for roster spots on next year’s squad. The players seem to like Bowles as much as that puzzles me. I don’t expect any quit on the team. But the lack of talent is still glaring. The Chargers have the 5th best adjusted pass offense, while the Jets rank 22 in pass defense. The Chargers run defense ranks 29th in the league. Expect the Jets to come out and attempt to establish the run both because its a competitive advantage and because Bryce Petty is incapable of completing anything other than the most rudimentary of forward passes. The Jets will want to control the clock the way they did in the Chiefs game. The difference is the Chargers don’t have a game breaker like Tyreek Hill. The Jets won the Chiefs game with this strategy and have generally been good at home but I can’t in good faith risk money with Bryce Petty at any price less than a full TD + PAT. We’ll take the U42.5 here as I expect a low scoring game with the Jets trying to take the air out of the ball.

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