Saturday NBA Quick Picks

Last day before the New year so the Big Dog is here to give you some winners and buy you a few rounds at the bar tomorrow. I am already locked into all my bowl selections and have gone 16-13-1, plus 1.56 units on Sports Action. As the title suggests I’m gonna give some NBA picks. There are a good amount of games going on tonight but none that really move the needle in terms of great matchups, just one involving both teams above .500, and that’s where we will start for the picks.

SAS (-4) @ DET

Pick: SAS (-4). Whether Kwahi plays or not I’m going with the Spurs here. I’ve said it before and I will say it again the Pistons stink, they are the most baffling team in the NBA. They go 9-3 in November and have followed that up with going 5-9 in December and then they hold Indiana to 83 and then subsequently get smashed by Orlando. Bet on the consistent team and bet on the better team bet the Spurs.

Cleveland (-3.5) @ Utah

Pick: Cavaliers (-3.5). The Cavs have hit a numb in the road losing their last 2, the latest coming against the Kings, when Vinsanity showed LeBron it’s still his NBA. I can’t see the Cavs dropping two straight to Shitty Western conference foes, as I think they easily cover as they await the return of Isaiah Thomas, so LeBron can enjoy his mid season vacation to sunny California.

Knicks @ Pelicans (-5.5)

Play: Knicks (+5.5) Pelicans playing in a Back to Back where they gave up 128 to the Mavericks the previous night and lost. I think this will be a high scoring game and a little bonus action would be to play over 217.5.

Thoughts on the Sixers: now as I have said before I really don’t like to bet on the Sixers because I am biased and always expect them to win. They started off the year hot and fans were dreaming of Playoffs maybe even a top 4 seed, Embiid was dominating, Ben Simmons was playing like a young Magic Johnson and Robert Covington was leading the league in 3s made. We are a far way from that time, after a late game collapse against the Blazers this team is playing bad basketball. Yes they are young but they are turning the ball over way too much and committing far too many fouls. Not only that it’s essentially a loss every time Embiid misses a game (1-7), and having a sore back isn’t something that is just going to go away for a 7’3″ center. We need Fultz to come back, and we need to find ways to win without Embiid. I’ve said I would be happy if he played 75% of the games this season which would put him at around 60. But if we can’t win with him off the court and we blow games or lose easy ones when he does play this team will not make the Playoffs this year. Yes the bottom of the east stinks, yes the whole team isn’t fully healthy, but I can’t help but be disappointed. I’m disappointed because we saw what they were doing we saw how well they were playing and then this free fall they are on is Simply demoralizing. I hope thy can figure it out, they play a good team tonight and will be without Embiid but if they can take care of the ball, and not put them on the line 60 times it’s a winnable game. Also Ben Simmons I know your reading this, just shoot the ball with your right hand, it doesn’t look natural to shoot with your left.

Have a happy new year everyone, and I will be back in 2018 to bring you the greatest gift of all, mediocre sports betting advice at an unbeatable price.

Love, Big Dog


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