Weekly Jets Blog – Rich Homie John

Mercifully we have found ourselves at the end of this 2017 Jets season. Inexplicably the team’s ownership has extended through 2020 the GM and Head Coach that constructed this disaster of a season. Setting a culture of mediocrity for years to come. Actually its a culture below mediocre. Todd Bowles aspires to be mediocre.

The game itself is pretty bad as well – the Jets have no chance to win and the Patriots have little to play for. I am a masochist so I’ll be tuning in, but I would suggest you find another way to spend your early afternoon because there aren’t any good games until 4:25pm. Go for a walk outside, shovel your driveway if its still covered in snow, call your mom, she’d like that. The only faint whiff of intrigue in this game is whether or not Christian Hackenberg will make his Jets debut. He’s better known as Second Round Bust Christian Hackenberg but I would like to see him at least attempt a few passes before he’s cut this offseason. Anyway, if you must watch the game, at least wager on it to make it somewhat interesting. I suggest the U43 because I don’t believe the Jets will hit double digits today.

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