New York Jets Off season Prediction

Now let me clarify this is not what I want to happen but what I think will happen based off of my life as a Jets fan. If you have optimism that the Jets are going to make the moves that the fan base wants heading into the off season, stop reading now. This blog will not have a happy ending when it comes to fan happiness.

Free Agency:

After 3 straight years of lame duck journeymen QBs who the Jets have gotten better production out of than anyone expected the Jets will be looking to sure this position up long term. Drafting number 6 in the draft puts them behind the 8ball as they would likely have to trade up in order to guarantee one of the top QB prospects. It is for this very reason that I think they will look toward free agency to solve their Quarterbacking needs. There have been talks that they might try to bring back Josh McCown for another year but I think instead they will look for a younger solution. They will look for someone who has shown the ability to compete at a high level and shown elite football IQ, and someone who has been looking for that long contract. If you haven’t guessed by now I’m talking Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets will turn to the old gunslinger and see if he can break his own franchise touchdowns in a season record.

With the quarterback position secured look for the Jets to sure up their offensive line. They will look to sign below average talent to elite level talent deals, they will do so for two reasons. The first is that in order to get players to want to come play for the team that will be drafting 6th overall for the next 4 years, you’re gonna have to pay a hefty price. The second reason is that the Jets aren’t good negotiators so look for players agents to really use that fact to really bend the Jets over a barrel.

Along with these signings they will probably resign some of their own, again for more than they are worth, but hey, you gotta pay top dollar to keep your own talent. Most likely candidates to be returning are Demario Davis, ASJ, Mike Pennel and Dakota Dozier. Again there are some other players the Jets will likely bring back because they played hard this year and really that’s the only criteria Todd Bowles has for his players, you can be a steaming pile of dog shit when it comes to talent, but as long as you try, can you really ask for more of a professional athlete? If your Todd Bowles the answer is no.


The Jets are right back in the sweet spot, number 6, 3 times in the last 4 years. What a truly incredible run of irrelevance. Anyway I know fans have dreams of Baker Mayfield, or some other rookie quarterback being drafted and making this team entertaining to watch and I really don’t want to burst their bubbles but… it won’t happen. Below is how I see the Jets draft shaking out (praying I’m wrong).

1st Round:

The Jets are likely going to cut Wilkerson this off-season meaning that they will only have 1 defensive linemen drafted by them in the first round on the roster. That is not going to sit well with this front office, so look for them to add another defensive linemen here to balance back out the universe. My guess is they will take Bradley Chubb, now some fans might not hate this pick because we have been hearing for the past 10 years how the Jets don’t have edge rushers, and I don’t hate it either to be honest, but he is a defensive linemen, and he will be a bust with the Jets.

2nd Round:

Does it matter who the Jets draft here? When was the last time the Jets drafted a great player in the Second round, and don’t tell me Marcus Maye he had one mediocre season for a sub par defense. Now I know the Jets don’t really draft well regardless but if you go through past 2nd round picks it is will really make you want a drink, I’m gonna list the last 10. Christian “The Hitman” Hackenburg, Devin “High Flying” Smith, Jace “I have butter on my fingers” Amaro, Geno “Can’t afford a plane ticket” Smith, Stephen “I will never give up on you” Hill, Vlad “Revolving Door” Ducasse, David Harris, Kellen “Perennial Backup” Clemens, Mike “Wide Left” Nugent, Justin “Pass interference” Miller. Alright that’s enough misery for now, but I mean you want to talk about bad drafting, the Jets 2012 draftees, all but one is out of the league. That is astonishingly bad. If you look back it’s a lot of players with high upside but still need some work, now truth be told I don’t know a ton about NFL draft prospects but what I do know is that if you are the Jets 2nd round pick it is not a good sign, and there will be 2 of them this year. My guess here is that they go athletic wide receiver, and athletic linemen who doesn’t have the most polished form but has incredible upside. While other teams like to use their second round picks to get good players who can step in an be immediate impact players the Jets are under the idea that it is best to go boom or bust in the second round of the draft and reach for players no other team wants.

3rd Round:

Jets will likely go corner back here, someone who never went up against elite level talent in college but has fluid motion and shut down the receivers in their FCS games. This is the 24 year old rookie who, has been a corner stone of his college defense for the past 3 years, he might not have elite level athleticism but he has a high football IQ and really loves the game.

4th – 7th Round:

I won’t go through each round but I will say there will be some trades made to pick up linemen offensive or defensive take your pick. They will draft some more secondary players and skill position players that won’t see the field. Don’t be surprised if they pick up a tight end in this area, not an athletic dynamic tight end but one who isn’t afraid to run block. This is the area the Jets love to draft guys who they sit for a few years and then when they finally get their shot they still stink and then get cut.

Now a lot of you might be seeing this as being a pessimist,  but I assure you I am one of the more optimistic Jets fans you will meet. When the Jets trot out Bryce Petty as their starting quarterback I will expect them to compete for the playoffs, and when they draft a defensive linemen in the first round I will defend him and say they picked for talent and not need, and when they draft an inevitable bust in the second round I will expect them to become an all pro (a la Stephen Hill). Here’s to hoping the Jets prove me wrong here’s to hoping that the Jets don’t do Jets things this off season, and here’s to the Jets who always seem to let me down.

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