Early Prediction for Jets against 2018 Opponents

Now I know my past two blogs have been about the Jets, and this is billed as a betting blog, but don’t worry I will give my wild card picks before the start of the games tomorrow morning. But I figured since I predicted what I thought the Jets would do in the Off season I should also throw my instant reaction to next years opponents. Jets have 5 Playoff Teams on their schedule for next season in the Bills, Jaguars, Patriots, Titans and Vikings, and they play two of those teams two times. They have a schedule strength of .476 based of a combined record of 122-134… can you say cake walk, also the Jets won’t be traveling too far as their farthest away game will be against Miami. Onto the Predictions:

Home Opponents:

When looking at the Jets 2017 season, it will be unforgettable for most but the biggest takeaway moving forward is they have to play better in the 4th quarter and they have to play better on the road. They went a relatively respectable 4-4 at home with those 4 loses coming to the Patriots, Falcons, Panthers and Chargers, 3 playoff teams and one team who missed on a tie breaker. Looking forward to their 2018 opponents they include, the Packers, Vikings, Texans, Colts, Broncos, Patriots, Bills, and Dolphins. Lets get started:


Aaron Rodgers is washed up, and expect the Jets revamped defensive line with first round pick Bradley Chubb to get consistent pressure on the Rog-Dog. The Packers secondary will have no match for the 5 headed receiving corp that the Jets will put out next year, of Bob Anderson, Quincey Enenwa, Chad Hensen, Eric Tomlinson, and Jalin Marshall. This will be a blow out folks, Jets 39 Packers 16.


Now I think the Vikings are a legitimate super bowl contender this year, and have one of the more fierce defenses in the league which is what wins you games in January. But don’t feed me Case Keenum and tell me it’s Joe Montana. Pat Schumur will likely be getting a head coaching job and Keenum is going to turn back into a Pumpkin. Expect first round busts Jamal Adams and Darron Lee to both get their first career interceptions in this game as the Jets squeak out a win in a defensive struggle, Jets 8 Vikings 4.


Deshaun Watson will be coming to Metlife like a scorned lover after the Jets passed him up with the 6th Pick in last years draft. But one player will not be able to make up for the giant disparity in the Jets favor when it comes to talent on each teams roster. Look for this game to be an opportunity to see some Christian Hackenburg as the Jets will be looking to rest their starters as to not run up the score on the Texans, Jets 53 Texans 7.


Will Andrew Luck ever play again? Who will be the next coach of the Colts? Can the colts return to glory of yesteryear? I don’t know an answer to any of these questions but what I do know is that since Jim Irsays DUI the Colts haven’t won the AFC South, while before that year they have. Coincidence probably but I still like the Jets here. Colts defensive struggles won’t go away in one off season, Jets 29 Colts 12.


Lets not beat around the bush here, the Jets got embarrassed by Denver this year and this team will be out for blood. This is going to be a redemption tale like you read about in books, Jets 23 Broncos 0 flipping the script from this past year on those pansy ass horses.


At this point in the blog you may be thinking that I am being unrealistic, you may be saying Big Dog do you really think they will go undefeated at home next year. Alas I do not, even the great teams have a few bumps in the road, and next years Jets will be no different. This will be a prime timed game (probably) and the Jets don’t show up against the Patriots in prime time, Patriots 17 Jets 16.


Bills haven’t beaten the Big brother New York Jets in MetLife in the last two years, and don’t expect that to change next year. The Jets will wipe the turf with Nathan Petermans bitch ass, but will struggle to move the ball against the Bills defense. I’m gonna say this will be a late season game played in Winter conditions, the MetLife crowd will be hyped and very drunk, Jets 5 Bills 0.


I’m gonna assume Ryan Tannehill will be back starting for the Dolphins next year, and he will not scare this Jets defense. Brian Winters fully healthy after a season spent mostly on the injury report and he will be ready to steam roll the overrated Suh. The Jets will control the clock, and move the ball with great porpoise, Jets 20 Fins 15.

Away Opponents:

As stated earlier the Jets played horribly on the road last year, do I think they will improve? Stay around and find out!


Mitchell the Bitchell Trubisky will be hitting a sophomore slump after an electric rookie performance, and it will be much to the benefit of your New York Jets. I expect a Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Chiefs like performance for Mitch during this game. Jets maul the Bears, Jets 25 Bears 11


Looking through the Jets schedule they have alot of teams who will be trotting out first year head coaches, including the Lions. Unlike these other teams on their schedule the Jets have a rock at their head coaching position in Todd Bowles and expect him to out coach any first year loser on the Lions sideline. Also you put this electric offense of the Jets indoors the scoreboard might not be able to reach the amount of points they will put up, Jets 57 Lions 43.


Alot of people are speculating that the Jags will try and bring in Eli Manning next year, or move on from Bortles at the QB position. The Jets KILLED the Jags this year at home (a game I was at) and don’t expect anything different to happen in Jacksonville next year. Jets will force whoever it is at QB to beat them, and they will not Jets 30 Jags 14.


Marcus Mariota had to have had one of the worst seasons for a playoff quarterback in history. 13 TDs to 15 INTs with just over 3000 yards and barely any running numbers to speak off. I was surprised with how he played his first two years and he took a huge step back in his third season. I think he is good and I think he will right the ship next year but Jets are greater than ships and the Jets will be dancing all over the field in Nashville, Jets 10 Titans 9.


Is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all? The Browns are a sad franchise but since their return to Cleveland they have been the laughing stock of the NFL. The fact that Hue Jackson went 1-31 in his first two seasons and this isn’t one of the teams on the schedule with a new coach is something that I don’t think any sane man would be able to explain to me. Expect the Browns to have another new Quarterback and expect them to still stinks, Jets 41 Browns 19.


The Jets usually play the Pats well for the most part and I don’t expect  next year to be any different. I already have them dropping one at home to the Pats but with the Patriots dynasty all but ending this year I don’t see the Jets losing to them Twice. Expect a hard fought game as the Pats fight to keep their dominance in the AFC East but the new age Jets prove too much, Jets 25 Pats 24.


The Jets always struggle in Orchard Park and I don’t expect next year to be any different, this will be an early year stinker that will lead to the Jets epic turnaround. The bills will stifle the offense and move the ball running with ease, Bills 5 Jets 3


This game will be played at the end of the season, the Jets will have clinched the first seed in the playoffs at this point and have nothing to play for. Now your probably thinking this means I will pick the Dolphins, and you would be inncorrect. Even the Jets backups will be good enough to beat the dog shit Dolphins as the Jets win the last week of the season (probably) and improve to 14-2, Jets 30 Fins 29.


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