Thoughts On Jets Parting With Morton

Good morning everyone, today the Jets announced that they have parted ways with John Morton their offensive coordinator last year. So I know that everyone is looking to see what your favorite overweight Jets fan blogger is thinking about this move.

  1. John Morton did a very good job of scoring points early and that has a lot to do with game planning, sticking to a script which was practiced all week. However when you blow as many 4th quarter leads as the Jets did, yes that is a lot on the defense but some of the blame falls on the offense. His refusal to run the ball was maddening, and he lengthen the games in the second half with 3 and out after three and out to let teams come back.
  2. People are saying that he should be kept because he got “so” much from Josh McCown and how this offense was better than any expected and blah blah blah. The truth of the matter is that they were 24th in scoring, and 28th in yards. I think people are thinking just because they were expected to win zero games that since they performed better than worst in the league we should be throwing this guy a parade. Yes they were good at times, but the fact that when a 38 year old journey man quarterback went down and your offense lost it’s ability to move the ball is not a good sign for an offense.
  3. I get that people like continuity when it comes to coordinators and coaching and that they believe that it helps players develop better. But do you really want continuity if that just means continuing to stink. I wanted Todd Bowels to be fired, this team is drafting in the top 10 for the 3rd time in 4 years. Everyone preaches continuity like it’s the only way to win games, look at the Rams, they signed a good head coach and they had the largest turnaround on offense in league history. Continuity is good to a point but at some point you need to hold everyone accountable you can’t just keep people around for the sake of keeping them around, eventually they need to show improvement.
  4. From all reports everyone hated John Morton, from the offense to the head coach, so I’m sure the writing was on the wall for him. You could see this division happening in real time when Matt Forte publicly questioned his play calling after the Falcons game. And you could see my personal disdain for him growing as his inability to develop a quarterback was put on full display by the fact that Hackenburg couldn’t be trusted to be on the field and by the fact the Bryce Petty stinks out loud.
  5. I have been reading a lot of reports that the next OC will likely be the Jets QB coach Jeremy Bates. Again, we saw no progress from our quarterbacks this past year but sure lets make the guy working with them in charge of the whole offense. Also according to reports he has trouble interacting with players and coaches so lets replace a Morton with someone with basically the exact same problems, seems smart.
  6. The Jets for basically as long as I can remember have had just a down right shit offense. I mean the last time they had a top 10 scoring offense was in 2008, their last season under Mangini, the Brett Farve season, one that has made Brett Farve my mortal enemy. In fact since I was born in 1994 the Jets have had a top 10 scoring offense just twice.

To conclude, it probably won’t matter who their offensive coordinator is because with Ryan Fitzpatrick back behind center this team will be unstoppable. I know before I predicted 14-2 for their record, but that was before this move, I’m now changing that prediction to be 15-1, and saying that they will not lose at home to the Patriots. Pats are going to lose their defensive coordinator and I’d like to see whoever they replace him with to keep up with a Bates Fitzmagic lead offense.

-Big Dog


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