Championship game Winners

I like to first start this blog with a reference back to a twitter poll I put out which said which of the remaining quarterbacks would you most want as your quarterback going forward. The results were as followed:

  1. Big Dick Nick @ 64%
  2. The Bortlechise @ 19%
  3. Case “The Hitman” Keenum @ 11%
  4. “The Cheater” Brady @ 6%

From an unbiased stand point I have no complaints with the way the results came in, fact of the matter is that Tom Brady has the most playoff loses of the remaining quarterbacks. In fact he has nine times the amount of loses of the other three combined, and fourth most playoff loses in NFL history. I know he has had some success but does that out way the bad, if you ask me it does not, as Ricky Bobby said, “if you ain’t first your last”, meaning Brady has finished last in 12 of his NFL seasons.


Jaguars @ Patriots

Play: Under 46.5. Alot is being made about Brady’s hand, and it has already caused the line to move 2.5 points from where it opened. I think it will give the media something interesting to talk about leading up to the game but I don’t expect it to have much impact on the actual game. I think this will be a low scoring game, I think the Jags especially will have trouble scoring unless they force turnovers. Jags are going to have to rely on a 4 man rush which has been able to generate pressure all season, but even if they are able to get to Brady, you still have to shut down Gronk, Cooks, Amendola, and their multiple running backs. The Jags have the defense capable of holding them in check but I don’t have enough confidence in them scoring to bet the +7.5 line. I think they will hold the Pats under 25 but don’t seem them scoring over 20, Pats 24 Jags 13.

Vikings @ Eagles

Play: Under 39. I love the under this weekend. This one is pretty obvious as to why I’m going under here, two great defenses, outdoor night game, two not so great quarterbacks, and likely shitty field conditions. This game has serious implications in both cities, as it could give the Vikings a chance at a home Super bowl something that has never been done, and for Philadelphia, there will likely be a riot regardless of the outcome of the game. I expect Philly to make just enough plays to pull this one out in a game that will have you wondering how these two quarterbacks are meeting for a chance to play in the Super bowl, Eagles 6 Vikings 2.

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