Did I pass Judgment on Josh Allen to early?

So as you all know I have gone on the record as saying that I don’t want the Jets to draft Josh Allen. Many people are saying he is similar to Carson Wentz because they both went to small schools and both physical specimens. There is just one problem with the comparison, Carson Wentz had a 64.1 % career completion percentage, and over 1000 rushing yards on his career. I understand the Wentz played in the FCS and Wyoming is an FBS school so the comparison isn’t exactly even, however the difference in completion percentage along is pretty jarring, Allen is a career 56% passer. Again I know the argument to be made is that it is against tougher opponents, and it’s more about skill sets and not statistics, but how often does a play under perform in college and then come into the NFL and suddenly figure it out. The only one that comes to mind, especially from the quarterback position is Brady.

Now with the senior bowl coming up the Josh Allen hype machine is in full affect, because he came in and had giant hands and was tall. Also I’ve been seeing interviews from him talking about how he is more accurate than his 56% career completion percentage shows, and likened himself to Brett Farve and Arron Rodgers. Now I’m not an NFL scout and I have no doubt that Josh Allen has all the tools to be a great quarterback, but the way he is being talked about you would think that he is going to come in an turn a franchise around right away. I have seen his name linked to the Jets, and I don’t know about other Jets fans but the Jets have never shown an ability to develop a quarterback, so why should I think they will be able to develop a raw talent into an elite player. I don’t know what the Jets will do this off season when it comes to Quarterback but I can almost assure you I will not be happy about it, as I’m often not. What I do know if that the NFL season ends in 2 weeks, and I’m going to drive myself insane until I know what the Jets plan is for next year. So did I pass judgment too early on Josh Allen, no the guy stinks and I hate the NFL draft hype machine with some of these players where they ask us to ignore under production and focus on the traits of players. Call me pessimistic if you want but if a player is that good that he is being talked about potentially being the top pick, than he should have been able to perform better in the Mid West Conference. I know guys like Baker Mayfield, or Lamar Jackson might not have the same traits that scouts look for, but some stock needs to be put into the fact that they won the Heisman Trophy. But again, lets just draft Josh Allen not because of what he has shown he is able to do consistently over the course of a career but based on what we think he could maybe potentially do down the road with the right fit.

-Big Dog


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