NBA All-Star Weekend

NBA all-star weekend is upon us, which means we are more than half way through the NBA season and we get to bet the various skills challenges. If I’m being honest with myself and all you out there the reason I want to bet these is so that I actually have incentive to watch. The skills challenges on their own are boring as hell, even the dunk contest which used to be exciting has lost it’s luster. The problem is that they make it all into this big production but in reality it would be better suited as a series of tweets. I don’t need to see Victor Oladipo miss his first 5 attempts just to see him make his last one. Make the contest 8 competitors and you get one attempt per dunk, you miss your out, and then you just keep dwindling down the field until you have a winner. When you allow unlimited attempts it ruins the surprise of the dunk, you can see what they are trying to do so it loses it’s luster when they finally execute it. The skills challenge is a fun concept besides the fact that it’s just players dribbling passing and shooting one 3. Give me a full NFL combine for the skills challenge and change the name to fitness challenge that’s something I would watch. If you couldn’t tell by now I’m not a big fan of all star weekend, I’ll watch it because I bet on the events and it’s either that or figure skating, but I’m not happy when watching it. Now onto some picks because that’s what this is all about anyway betting on sports that you don’t want to but do because it makes you feel alive.

3 Point Contest:

I’m putting my money on Eric Gordon, for a few reasons. One, you get pretty good odds on him at +300, also he’s a pretty knock down shooter. Now I know Klay will be the popular choice here, and if I’m being honest with myself he will probably win. However I’m not betting on the all star weekend to bet on favorites, his odds are +120, no incentive to bet on him. Give me Eric Gordon, good odds and good chance. Another one I like here if you don’t like Gordon, is Bradley Beal, +530 odds for a 39% 3 pt shooter isn’t bad.

Dunk Contest:

I’m going Dennis Smith Jr. with +130 odds. Donavon Mitchell is the favorite and has even odds, but I honest think this is Smith’s contest to lose. Mitchell is having an incredible season, but I feel like the only time I hear about Smith is when he has some crazy dunk. Also they are similar in size but Smith just looks alot smaller, and he has that look that usually wins the dunk the contest, the smaller guys who can just jump out the gym. I’m expecting Smith to jump over Mark Cuban on Dirks Shoulders and it’s gonna set the internet on fire.

Skills Contest:

Joel Embid +400, there is no way I’m betting against a Sixer in anything. They are the hottest team in the NBA, and might not lose another game all season so I expect Joel to dominate this contest and show why the Sixers are the clear team to beat in the east.

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