Week 2 – NFL

Week one was a smashing success for the big dog going 6-2 in picks, and the New York Football Jets dominating the Lions on Monday Night Football. We already saw the Bengals beat the Ravens last night and move to 2-0 on the year. Their offense has a ton of weapons and their defense has been able to come up with enough big plays so far to win ball games. Now I don’t know how they will fare from here on out, but they are a team where it’ll usually be a safe bet on the over, and that is all anyone can really ask for.

Week 2 always allows teams the opportunity to build off what they did the previous week or to show they are better than they performed last week. With that in mind lets move on to some picks.

Chiefs @ Steelers (-5.5)

This is one of those games that feels like a trap game when it comes to betting. You have the Chiefs who put on an offensive display last week against the Chargers who everyone thinks are going to be good. On the other hand you have the Steelers who tied the Browns last week, and turned the ball over approximately 25 times. For this game to be a near TD spread I think the safe money is on the Chiefs here. Big Bens complaining about his elbow, AB is trying to fight reporters and their star running back is refusing to show up, something feels strange about the Steelers this year. Chiefs 30 Steelers 25

Eagles @ Bucs (+3)

I believed in the Fitzmagic when he was on the Jets, he broke my heart and I will never trust him again. Eagles 28 Bucs 10

Colts @ Redskins (-6)

David Kuhn didn’t steer us wrong last week as he basically predicted the score correctly, and as long as he is posting on the ESPN game page, he will be my official Redskins Insider:

“Gruden don’t give Smith so much credit for that win in Phoenix. This is a team game. Without Peterson and an improved defense, you probably lose the Arizona game. How about developing a few trick plays. There will be a critical time in the future that you will need a trick play to fool the defense. And it wouldn’t hurt to run a screen play occassionally since we have Mr Peterson running the ball. Screens never worked in the past because we had weak running backs. Utilize Peterson’s skills. Quick passes over the middle to Peterson because he makes things happen. Redskins 28-17 over the Colts.”

Chargers @ Bills (+7)

Buffalo looked like a pee wee team last week but luckily they have their savior coming in to turn the season around. Who cares Josh Allen couldn’t beat Nathan Peterman out for the job in preseason, he has a rocket arm, and hands that can palm a beach ball. Chargers are the team that every year people think they are going to make a run at the super bowl and every year they are giant let downs. The over under is set at 43.5 and I love the under. Bills mafia will be in rare form Sunday, with a rookie QB starting in their home opener the year after making the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. The over under for broken tables is set at 45000 and the over under for dildos thrown onto the field is 6.5 and I’m taking both those overs. I’m taking the under in the actual game however. Chargers 17 Bills 9.

Oakland @ Den (-6.5)

I don’t think that the week one performance of either of these teams is indicative of what to expect from them on the season. I think Denver benefited from a Seahawks team who is nothing like the ones we’ve seen in the past, and I think Oakland ran into one of the best teams in the league in the Rams. This game to me has the feel of one that is going to be low scoring throughout (O/U 45.5). I don’t have any real justification for that feeling  other than I feel it in my gut, which probably means this will be an ultimate shootout however I never fade a gut feeling. Denver 21 Raiders 20

Giants @ Cowboys (-3)

It doesn’t truly feel like football season until we get our yearly Giants Cowboys Sunday night football match up. I think Dak Prescott stinks as a QB, I think the Cowboys defense stinks and the only thing they do well is have an elite O-Line and even that is crumbling due to injuries. I think the Giants have some real weapons on offense, it’s unfortunate they have to rely on Eli to get them the ball but that the way it goes. I think the Giants win this one and I think Jason Garret gets the boot before the end of the season. Giants 23 Cowboys 17


  1. I agree with you on the Chiefs – Steelers game. I’ve got them on the moneyline at +200. I think this is the week they start to miss Le’veon. I hope your wrong about Jason Garrett though. I would love to see him mismanage that team a little longer.

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