A message for TB fans

Hey guys, this is the big dog here, I just want to have a quick talk with you about Ryan Fitzpatrick. I know how your feeling, on top of the world, playoff bound, essentially invincible. I just wanna tell you, that it won’t last, as hard as that is to here I’ve been there. As someone who was heart broken by Fitzmagic I can assure you, it will end. You might think he’s different now, or that he’s changed, but I’m telling you he hasn’t. He will break your heart and leave you wondering what went wrong. It’ll start slow, like a 3 INT game against the Eagles, then will end with 4 picks against the Bills to get eliminated from playoffs, then 6 picks against the Chiefs and Bryce Petty leading you to the worst viewing football games in NFL history. Now I want you to know, it’s not you it’s him. This is what he does, he’s a heat breaker and he always will be. He sucks you in so just proceed with caution because I don’t want to see you guys getting hurt like I did.

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