MNF Predictions

I wrote something for the Bucs fans about Ryan Fitzpatrick and the emotional roller coaster he puts you on when you are cheering for him. HERE

I can’t in good conscious bet on the Bucs here, the other shoe has to drop for Fitzmagic, it always does. I will be betting against the Bucs waiting for him to show his true colors, and when he does I will be there gloating in everyone’s face. I think the Steelers win outright, right now they are +1.5 dogs, which is crazy considering just last week they were -5.5 to the Chiefs. I think there is still something off about the Steelers this year but I think they have too much offensive fire power to not figure it out. I think the defense will make enough plays and as long as they can avoid costly turnovers they should be able to win this one.

Steelers Moneyline

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