TNF- Eagles Giants

Do you guys smell that?

No I’m not talking about the dump you just took while reading my breakdown of the Jets Broncos game. I’m talking about a rat. The Eagles are defending Super Bowl winners, the Giants are 1-4 coming off a demoralizing loss to the Panthers, and yet the Eagles are less than a field goal favorite?

Something doesn’t seem right to me. 63% percent of the bets are on the Eagles but only 40% of the money is with the Birds. Big bettors in Vegas are going with the Giants, so much so that the line was all the way down from its opening of Eagles-3 to Eagles -1.5.

Now granted, the Eagles haven’t looked like they did last year, they are banged up at running back and might be without Lane Johnson. However the Giants DO look like they did last year, a year where they had the second worst record in the NFL.

I’m on the Eagles -2.5, but I’m warning bettors to be weary. If you look at a line, and it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and tastes like a rat it’s most likely a rat. However I’m trusting my judgement and sticking with my gut which is the Eagles.

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