Official Jets Correspondent-Rich

This Jets team finds itself in the middle of a three game homestand and right in the thick of the race for the AFC East crown. The Jets will likely be tied at 3-3 for the division lead following this week. In game two of this three game homestand, the Jets host the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have been unequivocally bad thus far this season. The Colts team is riddled with injuries and its defense stinks once again. The Jets are -2.5 point favorites. Regular readers/bettors will know that this gambler does not like to lay points with the Jets. We thrive betting on the Jets as underdogs. However, in this spot, the Jets will not lose. You can and should and will comfortably lay the -2.5 points and take the Jets to cover that all day. The Colts cannot cover the Jets WRs nor will they be able to stop the run. The Colts pass rush no longer features D. Freeney or Hank Anderson and is not good enough to disrupt Darnold’s timing. Broadway Joe Namath will be in the house with the halftime tribute to the 50 Year anniversary of the Jets Super Bowl III victory. This game is too easy – Jets will win by 17. If you read between the lines above, I do predict that the Jets will be tied for first place in the AFC East come Monday morning as I predict the Patriots will lose to the Chiefs (+3.5). You may remember my bonus pick of the Jaguars (+2) defeating the Patriots from week 2. Do with that as you will. Back to the Jets, this is the biggest week of Sam Darnold’s young career. I expect him to deliver.

The Pick: Jets -2.5

Season record: 2-3

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