Official Jets Correspondent – Rich Homie John

After a moderately successful 2-1 homestead, the Jets travel to Chicago for a 1pm matchup with the Bears. The weather forecast is calling for scattered showers and 20 mph winds, similar to the conditions last week at the Meadowlands. Former Jets DL and current Vikings DL Sheldon Richardson came out after the game last week and said that Sam Darnold looked cold and scared during the loss to the Vikings. I am shocked that the coddled little Southern California kid cannot perform in the cold after spending his entire life playing in pristine weather. Imagine how he will look on the road in similar conditions? Can we get little baby Sammy a coat? Maybe a mug of hot cocoa in between INTs for our little baby QB? That quote from Richardson is not encouraging as the Jets head to the Windy City. I would expect the Jets to wear their green pants today to obscure the yellow stains on Darnold’s groin as a little pee leaks out each time he takes the field and sees Khalil Mack staring him down.

The sad reality is that the missed PI call on Bob Anderson last week was the end of the season. This team is the walking wounded and we can now enjoy the downward spiral that has become the signature of the Todd Bowles era. The starting safety this week was selling used cars in Weehawken two weeks ago. The third WR tried to sell me a personal training session last month. It would frankly be a miracle if the Jets get to 17 today. Take the Under.

The Pick: Under 41.5

Season record: 3-4

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