Rapid Reaction Jets Week 9

Alright so this is my rapid reaction to the Jets game. The offense stinks, they stink out loud. They were facing a team who had given up the most rushing yards in the NFL over the past 3 weeks. Did the Jets have any rushing attack? Of course not, because teams are able to blitz and flow down hill knowing the Jets skill players aren’t going to be able to do anything on the back end. When your offense is a net -1 on the day you know you played like shit. The Dolphins haven’t been able to generate any pressure this year but of course they were able to pressure Darnold all day. Spencer Long needs to be cut, he will be a big part of the big dogs break down this upcoming week. Long has been shit all year and he was shit today, I thought he was an upgrade over Johnson but he’s been a down grade at 10x the cost. Any time your defense holds the other team to less than 200 yards you have to win. The defense hasn’t been able to generate turnovers over the past few weeks and while the blame is on the offense the Jets have gotten killed in field position over this 3 game span. I’ll have more in the breakdown but this game made my eyes bleed and if the Jets lose to the Bills Bowles needs to be fired.

Big dog

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