Official Jets Correspondent- Rich Homie John

Another Jets season wasted before Thanksgiving. This is a familiar refrain the past 10 years. Today features a home tilt against the rival Buffalo Bills, a team that enters the contest 2-7 overall, and 1-4 on the road. Josh McCown will start at QB the Jets and Matt Barkley for the Bills. It would be a dereliction of my duty to the loyal readers if I did not point out that there is absolutely no reason to watch this game. Don’t do it! It’s a nice crisp fall day on much of the east coast. Maybe rake some leaves. Maybe start a fire in the fireplace and pour yourself a nice porter – I recommend the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter from Great Lakes Brewing, one of my personal favorites. Today would also be a good day to build a shed in your backyard, if that’s something you’ve been putting off. Really, you should anything other than watching the Jets and Bills play football today. The world is your oyster. I will of course be attending the game because I am a self-loathing individual.

If you’ve made it this far without closing out of the browser you must have the same twisted interest in the game that I do. I hate to say it, but McCown is a massive upgrade at QB for this Jets offense. Before the season I was campaigning for McCown to be the starter because it was obvious to everyone that Darnold was not yet ready. And now in just 9 short weeks Darnold has lost all confidence and has become a total liability. It is safe to say he is a bust. Matt Barkley is under center on the opposite side. It’s unfortunate Darnold is injured and we are deprived of the much anticipated USC QB busts Darnold and Barkley squaring off. The Jets are somehow -7.5 point favorites, which tells you all you need to know about Vegas’s opinion of the Bills and Matt Barkley. The Jets would barely be -7.5 against Don Bosco Prep. Both defenses are pretty good and both offenses lack anything remotely resembling an NFL caliber skill position player. This will be a long day featuring a lot of punts. Probably a pick-6 or two. It’s difficult to take the under when you’re almost guaranteed 14 points from the defenses but that is what we must do since both offenses will struggle to reach double digits.

The Pick: Under 36.5

Season record: 4-5

BillsMafia Correspondent (@flyrodtaylor)

I have no clue what I’m doing in attendance at this game. In my last four games I’ve attended I haven’t witnessed a Bills touchdown. I’m freezing my nuts off and I’m about to watch Matt Barkley start at QB. He will inevitably get hurt and we will be blessed with another Nathan Peterman appearance. Mind you Peterman had 3 INTs with a pick-six last game and his career QBR improved. I sadly long for quality QB play from Bills greats like Kelly Holcomb, Thad Lewis, Kyle Orton, EJ Manuel, Todd Collins… hell give me Trent Edwards back. Hopefully as I break through this folding table I’ll fall into a deep coma only to wake up in 15 years once Brady has retired and we aren’t a complete joke of a franchise.

@flyrodtaylor pick: oh I forgot I’m supposed to be making a pick here. Hammer the Jets on the spread.

PS if there is a prop for Bills total yards hammer the under

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