Jets Stat of The Day – 11/20/2018

This isn’t going to be a reoccurring thing here just because like the stat I’m about to present most Jets stats are generally depressing for their fan base. I saw the following stat on twitter today:

The Jets are forcing opposing teams to go 3 and out at the highest rate in the NFL at nearly 40%. Now that would be good except for the fact that the Jets also go 3 and out at the second highest rate in the NFL. I thought these two statistics were relevant especially after watching the Chiefs and Rams play on Monday Night Football. Last night there were 7 total punts between LA and KC, while in the Jets most recent game against the Bills, NYJ punted 7 times themselves. The Chiefs and Rams punters have combined to punt the ball a total of 60 times this season. To contrast, Lachlan Edwards has been called upon 55 times so far this season, second most in the NFL. Another fun statistic is in the Vikings/ Jets game there was a combined 16 total punts. To contrast, Saints punter Thomas Morestead has only punted 21 times all season.

So while all these teams are putting up points in bunches all over the place (3 teams averaging 35 PPG, most in NFL history) the Jets are doing their civic duty to keep the punter position alive. Jets games this year average 11.2 punts per game(112 total), what I can only assume to be the highest in the NFL. So while everyone is raving about the points being put up on Monday Night Football and the new NFL I will continue to watch the Jets play some good old fashioned field position football. You can keep your 100 combined points, give me 100 combined punts any day of the week.

-Big Dog

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