Jets Stat of The Day – 11/21/2018

If you haven’t seen the previous Jets Stat of the day you can view it here. Now I really wasn’t planning to come up with a stat everyday but sometimes it’s fun to laugh at how sad it is to be a Jets fan. To find today’s stat I basically went through and looked for stats that made me feel sad. I’m gonna make this stat into a trivia question.

What do the New York Jets, The Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions all have in common?


Answer: They are the only teams in NFL history who’s all time winningest coaches also have losing records.

NYJ: Weeb Ewbank; 78-84-6

DET: Wayne Fontes; 66-67

Texans: Gary Kubiack; 61-64

Now I would be remiss not to mention that Ewbank was also at the helm for the Jets lone Super Bowl win, but that kinda makes this stat even more comical. The coach who won the most games in Jets Franchise history still lost more than he won. Not only did he lose more than he won, during his 12 seasons with the Jets, they only finished above .500 3 times.

I’ll do some more research and be back again tomorrow with another fun (read as: depressing) Jets Stat of the Day.

-Big Dog

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