Thanksgiving Day Football Picks

Is there anything better than thanksgiving? It’s an entire holiday dedicated to over eating, over drinking, and sitting around watching football all day. But I think the most underrated part about the holiday is that it’s the start of  month straight of being the worst possible version of yourself. You start wearing baggy cloths because it gets colder out, you start skipping the gym because it gets dark so early,  you mail it in at work because nothing gets done right before the end of the year anyway. Then to top it all off you can eat and drink as much as you want as long as after your 8th beer on a Tuesday night you say to yourself, “Diet starts January 1st.” There really is no time like Thanksgiving to the New Year, so lets enjoy it. Lets gamble away that money we saved for Christmas presents, lets have that 5th glass of egg nog there will be no judgement here, and most importantly lets eat ourselves into comas while we watch all the sports our little hearts can desire. Onto the picks.

Bears @ Lions (+3)

The Lions screwed me this past week, as they were my only loser of the week, after they covered the spread against the Panthers. The Lions are one of the stranger teams in the NFL this season, having lost to both the Jets and the 49ers, while beating the brakes off the Patriots and then beating the Panthers last week. I’m working on a theory about Thanksgiving NFL games specifically the first games of the slate. So my theory is that since it is so early on a Thursday, teams will have less rest and offenses come out sluggish and these games would tend to go under. However upon further review, of the last 10 12:30 Thanksgiving day games 7/10 have hit the over. This is partially because there are many years the Lions just get blown out of the water, but it disproves my theory non the less. Even though my theory was proved wrong I think I’m going to still blindly follow my original thinking rather than stats. I’m gonna take the under here to start off the games. Pick: Under 45 Prediction: CHI 26 DET 17

Washington @ Dallas (-7)

Has there been a team this year that has been consistently getting points despite the fact that they have a winning record more so than Washington. This is another game where I like the under. It’s a pretty low total at 41 points but both teams are good defensively and I think Washington is currently playing with preschoolers on their offensive line due to the injuries. This the game where you’re gonna wanna take your post Thanksgiving meal nap. It’s probably gonna happen right around the middle of the 3rd quarter, but trust me you won’t be upset for missing the Colt McCoy, Dak Prescott matchup. Pick: Under 41 Prediction: Dal 24 Wash 10

Atlanta @ New Orleans (-13.5)

The saints have looked like an absolute juggernaut of late, putting up 45, 51, and 48 points on offense in their last 3 appearances. Playing Atlanta this week who’s defense has been decimated by injury they may cover the 60 point total themselves. I think the Saints will continue to roll as their defense has been coming together at just the right time. Normally I don’t like betting on spreads this high but I also don’t want to give 3 total picks. So were gonna take the Saints and assume Sean Peytons pettiness will make him continue to want to emasculate other teams. Pick: Saints -13.5 Prediciton: NO 63 ATL 17

Enjoy the Holiday?

-Big Dog


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