Week 12 MNF Pick

I’ll be honest with you all, Sunday was a shit show for me, going 1-5 was a tough look for the Big Dog. The Jaguars are dead to me, I have lost too many times betting on them and I am done with them. Jalen Ramsey is trash, their coach is trash and Blake Bortles stinks, they fooled me with their great year last year but they are officially back to being garbage. On top of losing my Jags bet for the 30th time this year the Steelers also shit the bed at mile high. While I’m not an excuse guy, if I would have known the Broncos were going to wear their color rush uniforms with the vintage decal before I placed my bet, I would have never bet against them. You don’t bet against a team who is wearing these:

Image result for broncos steelers uniforms

That’s just betting 101.

Another rule of thumb when it comes to betting is that you don’t bet against a team overcoming a tragedy. The Rams beat the Chiefs as the city was being torn apart by forest fires, the Seahawks won the week following Paul Allens death, and the list goes on and on. Bob Mcnair passed away this past week and the Texans are playing at home on Monday Night Football. Right now the Texans are 4.5 point favorites, but they will win by double digits. I take no joy in profiting of tragedies but as a gambler you do what you have to in order to win. Pick: Texans -4.5 Prediction: HOU 34 TENN 17

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