Jets Stat of The Day – 11/28/2018

Out of principle I don’t intend to watch Baldinger suck the Pats dick, I know the Pats dominated the Jets on the ground Sunday I don’t need to hear him talk about it. However that is a preposterously bad stat for the Jets defense. I’m sure there was some runs that didn’t gain any yard, but to not get a single tackle for a loss on a running play when the Pats ran the ball 35 times is so bad. It makes sense because when you watched the game the Patriots weren’t getting touched until 3 yard past the line of scrimmage. This is the second game in a row the Jets have given up 200 yards rushing, I guess that’s what happens when one of your middle linebackers is 175 pounds soaking wet.

Another little fun stat, the last time the Jets gave up over 200 yards rushing in back to back games? 2002

Also it won’t get any easier going against the Titans, who will look to run the ball down the Jets throat. The defense has done some stuff well but stopping the run has not been one of them. The Jets are 27th in the league in rush yards allowed this year. If the Jets want to continue to run their current defensive scheme (Base 3-4) they need to get players who actually fit what they are trying to run. Having Hank Anderson be a two gap defensive end is not going to be successful, same with Nathan Shepard.

-Big Dog

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