Official Jets Correspondent- Rich Homie John

Well Ladies and Gentleman, much like the Jets’ season, my picks on the Jets games have left a lot to be desired. The past five weeks the Jets have been one of the worst football teams in the league. There are essentially zero quality NFL-caliber players on either side of the ball for the Jets. Jamal Adams is the only player on the defense that is above replacement level. Not one player on the offense is better than replacement level. The coaching staff is clearly not above replacement level given that all of the coaches will be replaced at the end of this season. Given the state of the team, it makes sense that Vegas is marking a thoroughly mediocre Titans team as a -10 points favorite.

The Jets last played the Titans in 2015, which will forever be remembered as the Fitzmagic season. The Jets won that game 30-8 and sacked Mariota five times. Ah, those were the days. The Jets comfortably winning football games. A scant three years ago Todd Bowles seemed like a reasonable hire at Head Coach. Alas, those halcyon days are no more. I’m not sure the Jets have five sacks in the past five weeks.

While we know the Jets are bad, it’s difficult to know what to make of this Titans team. The Titans are 5-6 overall, and 2-2 after its bye week and have been blown out in the past two weeks by a combined 72-27 score against two AFC South divisional opponents. Mike Vrabel and Todd Bowles are both have similar antiquated coaching styles that are not suited to win ballgames in the current NFL landscape. Both teams are content to play the three yards and a cloud of dust type of game. I expect plenty of work for Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry given how poorly the Jets have fared against the run in recent weeks. The Jets will have to try and establish the run by default since not a single eligible receiver on the Jets roster has the ability to create separation. I’d expect a game where the clock is running, and given that its a game featuring the Jets, a lot of punts. Take the +10 and the Under 40 today as we are chasing losses with two picks today.

The Pick: Jets +10; Under 40

Season record: 4-7

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