Week 14 – TNF Pick

Last week I had the pleasure of watching the Jets blow a 16 point lead in Nashville last week.

This photo was taken 10 minutes before game time and before the Jets blew the lead, hence the smiles.

If the rest of the trip wasn’t filled with heavy drinking, and great food/music the Jets blowing yet another 4th quarter lead may have got the big dogs spirits down. Speaking of which, when I was at the stadium “surrounded” by Titans fans you would have thought they were the ones who were 3-8 on their way to a top 5 pick. For a team that was in the playoffs last year, and only one game back of the wild card they were wildly pessimistic. Try being being a Jets fan for me one time Tennessee then you can actually have something to be pessimistic about. Also I put surrounded in quotes because the stadium was half empty. Now that may have been because it’s the Jets, but they were also basically giving away tickets to tonight’s game. They had a deal which was 20 dollars for a ticket and a $10 food voucher. Have some pride Tennessee your in the middle of a playoff race.

Looking at the line tonight, I’m leaning heavy on the Titans, and this may be recency bias because I just watched them come back on a top 5 team but I like them to win big here. Also I can’t in good conscience put money on Cody Kessler, he may have gotten the win last week but they also only put up 6 points. Pick: Titans -5.5 Prediction: Tenn 24 Jax 14

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