Week 15 TNF

Man I’m just not seeing the board clearly recently, I’ve been on a real cold streak, but you know what they say. The only way to get through a cold betting streak is to just keep betting, preferably with money you don’t actually have yet.

I saw a stat today that the Chargers haven’t beat the Chiefs in 9 match ups? That means if they lose tonight it will have been 5 full seasons since they last beat Kansas City. I was taken aback when I saw that stat because I guess I didn’t realize how bad the Chargers have been in recent years. The last time they made the playoffs was 2013, and before that they had a 3 year playoff drought. It looks as though they will make it this year but it’s strange to think about their lack of recent success even with a good quarterback.

I think I like the under in this one. 55 is a high total and even though both teams have high powered offenses they are banged up. Gordon is injured, Hill is questionable and Ekler is not expected to play. I also think Derrick Johnson can neutralize Hunter Henry which will limit the scoring. I could have egg on my face when these teams are lighting up the score board but I’m gonna stick with my gut. Even though it’s been failing me recently I’m still up on the year and can’t stop believing now. Pick: Under 55 Prediction: LAC 27 KC 24

-Big Dog

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