Week 15 MNF

Most people would run and hide if they went on a losing streak like I’m on right now, but most people aren’t the most influential man in sports. You might be wondering what the hell I’m talking about, so I direct you here. That’s right, the Big Dog was voted the top influencer in all of sports, ahead of people such as Adam Silver, Lebron James and Jerry Jones. It is because of this great honor that I am obligated to give you my Monday Night Football pick.

Now it’s no secret I have been terrible recently, just god awful, but I’m not one to make excuses, I’m just here to right the ship. I won’t say that I have had a bit of a cold since winter came around, making my mind not nearly as sharp as it was in the fall, I refuse to use that as an excuse. I won’t mention that I got a dog which has taken time away from properly handicapping games on Sunday mornings. Like I said I don’t make excuses, I am just laying out the facts. Having said that, we did go 0-3 yesterday and we will be back with a vengeance today.

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina (+6)

I picked the Panthers last week based solely on the fact that I had lost so many times before when betting them I couldn’t bear to let them win and not have money on them. That is not the case anymore, the Panthers are dead to me, Cam Newton is dead to me, Riverboat Ron is dead to me. Having said all that I can’t bet on the Saints in case the Panthers decide to show up. The play I like here is the Under 51, and having said that the game will probably go way over. However I never fade myself so the pick here is what I feel and I feel the under. Pick: Under 51 Prediction: NO 27 CAR 21

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