Official Jets Correspondent-Rich Homie John

It’s been a forgettable season for the Jets and Rich Homie John. Todd Bowles owes us five covers for all the late game leads he’s blown this year. Good riddance, Todd.

This will be Darnold’s first time against the Patriots. Make no doubt about it, right now Darnold is the better QB in this matchup. The Jets skill position guys are criminally bad and apparently free agent bust False Johnson is not playing today. Regular readers know that Rich Homie John identified Johnson as a total fraud early in the season so it’s not a big loss to see him replaced by Derrick Jones. As it turns out the Patriots skill position guys are also terrible. Gronk is totally washed up and Hogan is going back to play lacrosse after this season. Two bad teams, one with a good coach. Might as well take the Jets one more time in this lost season.

The Pick: Jets +14

Season record: 6-10

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