Week 17 NFL Picks

Another NFL Regular Season has come and gone and for the 8th straight year the New York Jets will be working on their golf games in January. I came into this season as I do most years, with hope and optimism and like so many years prior the Jets slowly beat any hope I had right out of my body. However now is when the real season starts for Jets fans, the offseason. We get to spend our time pouring over countless mock drafts, debating who they should sign in free agency, and this year we have a coaching search to look forward to. That’s the thing about the Jets, no matter how many times they rip your heart out you always come back for more the next year. To start the season I think I had the Jets predicted at a 14-2 record and if you don’t think I will predict the same next year then you’re an idiot.

One thing that does help ease the hurt of another terrible Jets season is knowing that there are other fan bases out there feeling the same if not worse about how their seasons ended. Take the 49ers for example, they had playoff aspirations after finishing last year strong, hell some people said they could contend for the Super Bowl. Then Jimmy G goes down, their defense doesn’t live up to expectations and they are right there where they were last year, drafting in the top 10. Then you have the Falcons, still looking to avenge their heart breaking Super Bowl loss. Then basically their entire defense gets injured within the first 3 weeks and their season ends before it could even get started. Lastly there are the Giants, who drafted Saquon, signed OBJ to a long term deal and did everything to surround Eli with the necessary playmakers to make a playoff run. Little did they know that Eli has the arm strength of a 12 year old girl, making it difficult to utilize said weapons. I guess what I’m getting at is it feels good to know that other people feel bad too, I guess misery truly does love company.

Alright lets get onto some picks, we are 66-51-2 currently, a respectable record but we need to end on a high note to take us into the playoffs strong. I will admit it is difficult to bet on Week 17 games because teams will be resting starters and you never know what to expect but I will trudge along non the less.

Carolina @ New Orleans (-7.5)

The Saints are resting a lot of their players but you also have to remember that the Panthers will be starting Kyle Allen at quarterback. I’ll save some of you the research and let you know that he is an undrafted rookie out of the University of Houston. So while Brees will be on the bench, I’m going to take Teddy Bridgewater over Kyle Allen. Many people in my family wanted to see Bridgewater be named the Jets starter this year, and I think he will show today he is still very deserving of an NFL starting job. Pick: NO -7.5 Prediction: NO 27 CAR 14

Miami @ Buffalo (-5)

While it is comical to have Buffalo as a 5 point favorite against basically any team in the NFL, you won’t find me putting money on the Dolphins. No the smart bet here is to take the under, last time these teams met the total combined points was 38. A late December game in Buffalo with neither team playing for anything, give me the under every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Pick: Under 39.5 Prediction: Buff 10 Mia 7

Bears @ Vikings (-6)

Kirk Cousins lives to choke in big games, and I can’t see the Bears throwing this game with the chance they would meet in the first round of the playoffs. I think the Bears come out and step on the Vikings throats and play their starters all game. If you give the Vikings false hope in this game then they will think they can win in the Playoffs. I expect the Bears to expose Kirk Cousins for the fraud that he is and to win outright. Pick: Bears +6 Prediction: CHI 24 MINN 14

Philadelphia @ Washington (+7)

Washington absolutely screwed me last week with that last second pick 6 to have the over hit, so I think the betting gods will make them pay this week. I think this game goes way under, mainly because I don’t expect the Redskins to be able to put up more than 10 points. Pick: Under 42 Prediction: PHI 24 Wash 7

Colts @ Titans (+5)

So this one is pretty easy because Mariota isn’t going to be playing in this one. In a win or go home game the Titans will be without their starting quarterback. If you remember last time these two teams met, Frank Reich went for it on 4th and 8 in overtime essentially gifting the Titans the win, because he said he didn’t want to play for a tie. I think that won’t end up mattering much but it’s still fun to think back on. Anyway I’m not going to bet on Blaine Gabbert in prime time so give me the Colts. Pick: Colts -5 Prediction: IND 28 TENN 20

-Big Dog

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