New York Jets Game By Game Predictions

Alright so this is something I did last year where I went through game by game on the Jets schedule and gave my predictions. The previous blog can be found here. If I’m not mistaken I had a near flawless record last year, with my only blemish being the Jets loss to the Titans, so you can basically take these predictions as gospel.

The Jets over under this year is at 7, which is a 1.5 game increase from the previous year. After reading through these predictions you will want to not walk but run to your nearest sports book and put your life savings on the over.

Alright enough chit chat lets get onto some predictions.

Week 1: VS Bills:

The Jets and Sam Darnold open up against the Bills and his training partner Josh Allen. I have it on good authority that Darnold has been studying Allen’s tendencies and has already given Greg Williams the play book on how to dominate him. I expect this game to be a blood bath, the new look Jets will want to come out and make a statement against an inferior Bills team. I expect the Jets to show off some of their new weapons, with Bell getting at least 2 TDs, Jamison Crowder adding a TD and a pick-6 for CJ Mosely.

NYJ 42 BUF 10

Week 2: MNF VS Browns:

The New York Jets will be taking on the Cleveland Browns for the second consecutive year in a prime time spot. That is a statement I never thought I would type out but here we are. The Browns are everybody’s darling team this year after picking up OBJ, Oliver Vernon, and Sheldon Richardson. Add onto that their strong finish last year and people are already penciling them in to win the AFC North. While I do think the Browns will be improved and probably make the playoffs I think them and the Jets are very similar skill wise. Both added a lot of weapons in the off season, both have young quarterbacks and both have new coaching staffs. Last year when these two teams met Mayfield came in and lead the Browns to their first win in 1756 days, and after the game Jets players said they had done zero scouting on Mayfield. I expect Gase and Williams to have the team better prepared for this years match up and I think the Jets will be looking to prove the Browns aren’t the only teams greatly improved in the off season. Jets win a tight one with a game winning drive by Darnold, capped off by a game winning TD by Bell.

NYJ 27 CLE 24

Week 3: AT Patriots:

Jets will come into this one riding high off of two big home wins and be looking to show the Patriots that they are ready to compete with the Kings of the East. The Jets have a few historical stats working against them in this one. First is that Adam Gase has never one a game in Foxborough, the second is that the last time the Jets won in Foxbourgh was the 2010 playoffs. Their last regular season win at New England was 2008, the same year Sam Darnold was born. Coming off a short week against the Browns I expect the Jets to lose a close one here.

NE 24 NYJ 21

Week 4: Bye

A nice early bye after the first loss of the season, Gase can make some early season adjustments and get the team firing on all cylinders.

Week 5: AT Eagles:

The Eagles fans are generally known as one of the least enthusiastic, fair weathered fan bases in the league so I expect this to basically be a home game for the Jets. The Eagles gave up a NFL record 62 touchdowns on double moves last year and I expect that trend to continue against the Jets. Bob Anderson will have a big game in his homecoming to where he played his college ball and the defense will do just enough to win.

NYJ 34 PHI 31

Week 6: VS Cowboys

I have dubbed this game as the battle to decide who truly is America’s Team, lets breakdown each teams claim to the title:

Jets: Names after a machine that shows american ingenuity at it’s finest.

Cowboys: Named after people who herd cattle.

Woody Johnson: Jets owner who stepped down from his position to serve his country as an ambassador.

Jerry Jones: Cowboys owner who is also a creepy old man

New York City: Most populous city in America and has been called the cultural, financial and media capital of the world.(Wikipedia)

Dallas: Only joined America in 1856, after the rest of the country already kicked Britain’s dicks in.

As you can see the Jets basically already are America’s team and when they shit kick the Cowboys here it will make it official.

NYJ 52 DAL 10

Week 7: MNF VS Patriots

The Jets own the Patriots in prime time, I literally can’t think of a single example of when the Jets didn’t have a great showing against the Patriots in prime time.

NYJ 49 NE 19

Week 8: AT Jaguars

This will be right around the time when the Jaguars are going to start regretting the fact they gave Nick Foles $50 Million guaranteed. Leonard Fournette will likely be nursing a bad hamstring and Jalen Ramsey will be trying to fight the entire team. Jets will be looking for blood as many players felt disrespected by the Jaguars 2-pt conversion attempt a year ago with 25 seconds left in a 20 point game. I will give my prediction in the form of a Le’Veon Bell instagram post.

NYJ 31 JAX 12

Week 9: AT Miami

Miami very well could go 0-16 this next year. They have assembled one of the worst rosters in recent memory. Adam Gase will want to win this game and win big, which shouldn’t be too hard considering the Dolphins best offensive player blamed his off season weight gain on eating too much birthday cake. Brian Flores will be wondering why he left New England after watching the Dolphins struggle to get past mid field against the Jets number 1 ranked defense.

NYJ 24 MIA 3

Week 10: VS Giants

I would call this the Battle for New York but it’s pretty clear the Jets have held the crown for quite some time. The Giants will be picking inside the Top 6 for the second year in a row like losers, and have a literal corpse at quarterback. With OBJ gone the Giants offense lives and dies with Saquon and I expect teams to look to exploit that fact. Eli Manning will be self sacking himself all over the place in this one and CJ Mosley will make sure Barkley can never get started. The Giants also got rid of all their defensive talent trading Landon Collins and Oliver Vernon. But at least they got noted 1st round steal Jabril Peppers back for those two. Darnold and company will have a field day as I expect this game to get ugly quick.

NYJ 56 NYG 6

Week 11: AT Redskins

If I know this Jets team like I think I do then I know there is nothing they hate more than insensitive team names toward indigenous people. The Redskins will likely be going with a Rookie QB at this point in the season having already been eliminated from playoff contention. The Redskins will make it a game late, rallying around young signal caller Daniel Jones, but ultimately his 3 4th quarter pick-6’s will be too much to overcome.

NYJ 42 WAS 17

Week 12: VS Raiders

The other day at lunch some friends and I got into a discussion of who we thought would have a better 2019 campaign, the Raiders or the Jets. I laughed in their faces considering the Jets are better at every position on both offense and defense. I’ll hit the highlights below:

Quarterback: Derek Carr stinks, Sam Darnold is good

Running Back: Le’Veon Bell when playing is a top 3 running back in the NFL.

Wide Receiver: The Raiders have no wide receiver with the ability of Robbie Anderson, or Quincy Enunwa if we are being honest with ourselves.

Linebackers: CJ Mosley and Avery Williamson form one of the best line backing cores in the NFL.

Secondary: Jamal Adams is an all-pro and when False Johnson played under Greg Williams in the past he was a pro-bowler.

NYJ 27 OAK 14

Week 13: AT Bengals

I predict at this point in the year AJ Green will have already been traded, and the Bengals will be looking toward the future and trying to tank for Tua. The Jets defense will force the Red Rifle into a poor game and will pick up their 9th win in a row tying the all time franchise record set in 1986.

NYJ 23 CIN 16

Week 14: VS Dolphins

See above, Dolphins stink, no way they stop the Jets from getting their franchise record 10th win in a row.

NYJ 35 MIA 3

Week 15: AT Baltimore

At this point in the season the rest of the league will have figured out how to stop Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will be lamenting the fact that they let an elite QB like Flacco go to a different team. CJ Mosley will torment his old team, having a historic performance where he records a sack, INT, FF, FR, and defensive TD all in the 1st quarter. Darnold and company struggle a bit against a good Baltimore defense, but Darnold leads a game winning drive to win as time expires.

NYJ 20 BAL 17

Week 16: VS Steelers

For the second week in a row one of the Jets big free agent signings will get a chance at revenge against their former team. Le’veon will have nothing but good vibes as he shows the Jets why he was worth the gamble. I’ll be conservative with his stat line and say he falls just short of 400 yards from scrimmage, but still beats Flipper Anderson’s all time mark of 336. Big Ben will leave this game with a concussion but wonder back onto the field when the training staff’s back is turned, but still it won’t be enough for the younger, more talented, better looking Jets team.

NYJ 34 PIT 28

Week 17: AT Bills

The Jets having clinched home field advantage in the playoffs and will be resting their starters. However even with back ups in the game the Jets will still be able to make this a game as the Bills are fighting to finish 7-9 instead of 6-10. However in the end the Bills, playing in their super bowl, will do just enough to come away with the win. They will dump Gatorade on McCdermott and carry Josh Allen off the field for only throwing 1 pick six as opposed to his normal 3.

BUF 20 NYJ 16

– Big Dog

PS: I know Antonio Brown is on the Raiders but give me Bob Anderson over him 7 days a week and twice on Sundays.


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