Week 3 TNF

Man I took an absolute beating this past week. After a strong week 1 to follow it up with a clunker on week 2 was disheartening. Luckily for everyone we have our favorite all time Thursday Night Football match up tonight to get us back in the win column. I gotta be honest I am a bit conflicted on my pick in this game. On the one hand the under looks appealing with two shitty offenses and two good defenses. But everyone and their mother is on the under, hence why it’s moved from 41 to 38. Then you have the spread, and I like 99% of America, love the Titans. I mean, the Jags are trying to fight each other on the sidelines their best player wants out, their running back stinks, how can the Titans not win here. The fact that everyone loves the Titans and the under so much makes me think they are a sucker bet. However sometimes sucker bets win. I’m in a real dilemma here. Normally I’m not this indecisive and that’s how I’ve been able to win on the NFL. Im not an over thinker but here I am over thinking the hell out of this one. You know what it may be a sucker bet but I love the Titans. Pick: Tenn -1.5 Prediction: Tenn 24 Jax 17

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