Rich Homie John Week 3

After a disappointing 0-2 start to the season, rich homie John has maxed out his credit cards and at risk of declaring bankruptcy. A declaration of bankruptcy is how you really know you’ve made it as a member of the rich society. Willie Nelson, Donald Trump, Terrell Owens, Stephen Baldwin, and Lil Kim is good company. RHJ is reeling. Really needs to see one go through the hoop.

However, lamenting the 0-2 start is not the point of this column; it is to demand the immediate firing of Adam Gase as head coach of the NY Jets. If he had any decency he would resign on a cocktail napkin like Belichick did back in 2000. Belichick resigned because he knew the new ownership group led by Woody Johnson would be wholly incompetent. He was correct. The ownership group is now led by Woody’s brother, Christopher Johnson, and it has made another monumental mistake in choosing Adam Gase as head coach. I didn’t like the hire in January and I hate it even more now. The guy is a born loser. He is still dining out on a reputation as a “quarterback guru” that was “earned” in his two seasons as OC in Denver when Peyton Manning was QB. I could coach Peyton Manning to a top five offense. It’s pretty simple – just say, “hey Peyton go out there and do your thing,” and you’ll win 12 games. Not surprisingly, once he stopped suckling Peyton’s teet his offenses have been abysmal. His highest ranking in PPG is 17 in the five years since. Not even top half of the league! Many pundits thought he was hamstrung by poor quarterback play in Miami. But, after two games for the Jets with 11 total offensive points, as we now know, the guy is a born loser and should no longer be allowed the benefit of the doubt. His system stinks no matter who the QB operating it. Unless its Peyton Manning checking out of plays at the line of scrimmage, Gase is limited to grinding Le’Veon Bell into dust and blaming his receivers for not getting open. Chris Johnson, we beg of you – do the right thing and fire him during the Week 4 bye week.

The Jets do have a game today, not that it much matters. I expect the players to quit on Gase by week 7 when the team is 0-6. The Jets team total here is 10.5 at -160. Offensive guru Adam Gase is priced at a 61.5% chance to score 10 points or fewer. And really, who would take the over? You’d have to be insane. Gase’s potent offense has scored just 11 points in two games. We’ll take the under 43 in the game. Brady has played a Gregg Williams defense twice in the past 10 years, scoring 17 points and 26 points, both of which were below the respective season average for the Patriots. This has 38 – 3 written all over it. 38 – 3 Jets, of course.

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