Week 7 NFL Picks

When I tell you I am seeing the board clear as day I mean it. The Chiefs to cover was NEVER in doubt Thursday Night, even with Mahomes going down. Now we are looking to build on Thursday Nights momentum and put together a winning Sunday for the first time in what feels like forever. Now is the time to jump on the Big Dog train because in a few weeks when I’m up hundreds of units from all my winners it’ll be too late. Normally I try to give some O/U plays and some spread plays but this week we are going no O/U all picks are ATS. Alright let’s pick some winners.

OAK @ GB (-4.5)

I gotta be honest I was a little thrown off by this spread. Only 4.5 for the 5-1 Packers at home seems like a slap in the face. The Raiders are coming off their bye but that really doesn’t matter to me. I just don’t believe in the Raiders as a team. I think the Raiders are dirty rotten FRAUDS and the fact the Packers are only giving up 4.5 make this an easy bet. I would have taken this all the way up to GB -6 that’s how much I like the Packers here. Pick: GB -4.5 Prediction: GB 28 OAK 17

MINN (-2.5) @ DET

The Vikings ATS have the same record as they do straight up. So if you think they are going to win in a game they have shown they will also cover the spread. The Lions are coming off a gut wrenching loss to the Packers where the refs gifted Aaron Rodgers the win on a silver platter. This could mean it could go one of two ways, they could come out hot and win this one or they could come out pressing and make some dumb mistakes. I think it will be the latter. Same as against GB I think the Lions will struggle to get into the end zone against the Vikings. Minnesota and Kirk “The Hitman” Cousins will do just enough to cover this spread. Pick: MINN -2.5 Prediction: MINN 24 DET 20

HOU @ IND (-1.5)

The Texans come into this one ROLLING while the Colts come into this one off their bye. I am an astonishing 0-3 this year when betting Colts games. To a normal person that might make them shy away from Colts games, but not the Big Dog. It makes me want to bet Colts game until I pick I one right. I’m also 3-1 when betting Texan games so their may not be anyone in America who knows the Texans like I do. The Texans are going to win this one behind another great performance by Desean Watson. The Colts defense is for the most part pretty suspect. They are easy to gash on the ground and I think the Texans will look to get Hyde involved early on in this one. I learned my lesson of not taking the points so we will take them here even though I think Houston wins outright. Pick: HOU +1.5 Prediction: HOU 26 IND 21

ARI @ NYG (-3.5)

I was floored to see that 69% of bets were being place on the Giants in this one. The line even moved half a point from 3 to 3.5. The Cardinals are another team where I have been spot on anytime I bet them. I am 3-0 when betting Cardinals games and most likely will go to 4-0 after this week. I like the Cardinals here for the sole reason of Kylar Murray being a far better quarterback than Daniel Jones. I don’t think a Daniel Jones lead team should be favored against any opponent. Because of this I am all over Arizona. Pick: ARI +3.5 Prediction: ARI 27 NYG 17

LAC @ TEN (-2.5)

I get the desire for the Titans to make a change at qb, but going from Mariota to Tannehill doesn’t really feel like an upgrade. The Chargers are one of the more frustrating teams because the talent is there but they continue to lose. This game started off as a pick em and despite money coming in on the Chargers the line has moved the opposite of what you’d think. I’m taking the Chargers, I don’t think the qb change will have the affect the Titans hope for. Pick: LAC +2.5 Prediction: LAC 20 TEN 12

I’m running out of time before the 1 pm kick offs so I’m just gonna list my last two picks.

SEA -3

PHI +3

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