Week 8 Picks

There are no two ways about it, Rich Homie John and myself have been liabilities this year. We have been giving mediocre week after mediocre week but I have a warning to anyone who has jumped ship, Don’t Let Us Get Hot. Last week if Melvin Gordon doesn’t fumble at the 1 we have a winning week and add that onto a winner Thursday Night Football we’d be in a solid spot. However, winners don’t make excuses, they get you results and that’s what we plan to bring you this week. I don’t love the board this week but I will poor through the numbers and bring you winners. I will leave no stone left unturned, that is my promise to you the reader. Alright let’s get to some WINNERS.

DEN @ IND(-4.5) (O/U 42.5)

Denver just traded away one of their top receivers and Indy is coming off a big win against the Texans so I’m a little surprised to see the line where it is. The Broncos got killed last Thursday night as their offense continues to struggle to put points on the board consistently. Usually when a team is a seller at the trade deadline it’s generally a good idea to fade them going forward. Also I said it the past two weeks when betting Denver games, you will never find me putting my hard earned money on Joe Flacco. Pick: IND -4.5 Prediction: IND 26 DEN 16

LAC @ CHI (-3.5) (O/U 40.5)

Week one of the NFL season I had already seen enough of Trubisky to declare that he stinks. He has done nothing since then to prove my assessment wrong. I think the Bears and Nagy are starting to realize this as well so I expect to see them run the ball a lot more and try and control the pace of the game. Now onto the Chargers. Has there ever in the history of the world been a less successful hold out than Melvin Gordon’s. How he is still getting carries over Ekler is baffling, I mean he stinks. With Kenen Allen out I think the Chargers will struggle on offense making this a low scoring affair. I like the under here, even at such a low number. Pick: Under 40.5 Prediction: CHI 16 LAC 14

CIN vs LAR (-11) (O/U 47.5)

Is there a dumber sports league than the NFL. If you are going to have games in London, make them 9:30 EST start times. The 1pm slate is already the most crowded, we don’t need to be adding more games to it when we could have football from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. As for the game, it may be recency bias but it seems like we always have high scoring games in London. The previous two games have both gone over 50 total points and it’s a trend I like to continue in this one. The Rams who were struggling for a little came into the cupcake portion of their schedule just in time. As long as Dalton and co can avoid being shut out I think this one goes over easy. Pick: LAR 38 CIN 10

PHL @ BUFF (-2.5) (O/U 40.5)

If you were handicapping this game at the beginning of the year you probably would have had it at PHL -4. Instead the Eagles come into this one reeling and the Bills come in at a record of 5-1. The problem this year for the Eagles has been their secondary, and there is no better cure for the secondary blues than turnover prone Josh Allen. The Bills gave up 21 to the Dolphins last week, and were down for much of the game. This is a game where when I close my eyes I just don’t see the Bills winning. They have been a great story this year after the Jets gifted them a win week 1. Besides the Patriots the teams the Bills have played this year have a combined 6 wins so it’s not like they have been world beaters. Pick: PHL +2.5 Prediction: PHL 24 BUFF 21

OAK @ HOU (-6) (O/U 51.5)

Like I said last week, the Raiders are frauds. They proved me right by getting their teeth kicked in against the Packers, and they will continue to prove me right this week when they get smashed by the Texans. The Texans let me down last week but I’m going to keep on riding them. Pick: HOU -6 Prediction: HOU 27 OAK 17

GB(-5) @ KC (O/U 47.5)

Last Tuesday I was in Nashville for work. I was walking around my hotel in a Jets shirt when I was stopped by a hotel staff employee. He wanted to know how the Jets did last night. Now it was Tuesday evening at this point so I assumed most people who follow football already knew the outcome of the game. So naturally I thought I was being trolled so I responded by saying “I think you know how they did last night.” All the while I was ready to fight said employee for making me relive the Monday Night Beatdown. However I was taken aback he assured me he was not making fun of me and wanted to know because he had put money on the Jets to cover. This forced me to be the bearer of bad news to my new friend. After discussing the Jets shortcomings we got to talking about the upcoming slate of games, specifically GB @ KC. When I told him the spread at the time he said, “Oh man, Green Bay is an Easy winner”. If that’s not a sign from god himself to bet Green Bay then I don’t know what is. Sometimes in gambling you organically come across gambling picks and when you do, you always take them. Pick: GB -5 Prediction: GB 31 KC 24

-Big Dog

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