Week 9 TNF

I remember how happy I was after the Jets got their first win of the season a few weeks ago against the Cowboys. Darnold was healthy and looking good, we had the easy part of our schedule coming up and for once I was actually optimistic instead of being sarcastically optimistic. Then the Jets did what they always do and punched me right square in my penis. Not only have they lost two straight, both in embarrassing fashion, but their best player is airing his dirty laundry about the front office. They have FIVE injured Middle Linebackers, their offensive line would struggle against a high school team, and there CEO is seen on video questioning the coach and team. The Jets are an embarrassment to not only New York and their fans but an embarrassment to the NFL as a whole. The Johnson brothers incompetence is truly a thing to marvel. If you picked any random hobo from the streets of NYC and gave them ownership of the Jets they would do a better Job than Chris and Woody. If it wasn’t for the Sixers looking like the best team in the NBA I don’t know what I would do. Anyway enough ranting about the Jets lets get a winner on the board and continue my TNF hot streak.

A lot of money is coming in on the 49ers and has caused the line to move from SF-7 to SF-10.5. San Fran has looked incredible this year and has handled almost every team they have come up against. I think you buy half a point here and get the line down to SF -10 and count your winnings. While Arizona has looked better of late they still have no quality wins to their name. I think Kylar will be running for his life much of the night in this one and I think the 49ers will be able to run the Cardnials into a submission.

Pick: SF -10

Prediction: SF 31 ARI 17

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