Rich Homie John Week 9

The Jets have to win this game, right? Right?? RIGHT?!? The only reason I can fathom that the Jets were fooled into hiring Adam Gase is because of his success against the Jets. Use was 5-1 as HC of the Dolphins in games against the Jets. So we clearly know he can beat bad teams. I’m dreading this game, because if the Jets do indeed win, they will pull us right back in. This game begins a stretch of six consecutive games in which the Jets figure to be betting favorites. If the Jets lose today, the team will undoubtedly quit on Gase and the rest of the season will be a complete waste of everyone’s time. I think the team rallies a bit after the turbulent trade deadline and wins this game down in Miami rather easily. Expect a big game from Bob Anderson with Xavien Howard on the IR. Let’s say Jets 27 Dolphins 17 and take the Jets -3

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