Rich Homie John- Week 10

Many people would say I haven’t been right about many things related to the Jets this year, and they would be correct. At the beginning of the season I actually thought that this was a 10 win football team. I failed to account for how historically inept Adam DisG(r)ase would be as the head coach and offensive play caller. I never thought I’d say this, but I long for the days of Brian Schottenheimer calling the offense. At least he was capable of making the occasional adjustment to put his offense in a position to make plays. Not Gase. Let the record reflect that I was right about one thing – Gase is an awful hire and I was justified in calling for him to be fired in week 3. Another year, another Jets season effectively over before the Thanksgiving turkeys have even been slaughtered. Let’s hope Gase’s job doesn’t outlast the turkey heads.

This week the Jets host the Giants in a battle for bragging rights? A battle for pride? No thats not it, let’s call it a battle of playing out the string, or the battle of two coaches desperately hanging on to their jobs by a thread. For Gase and Shurmur, this game represents the manifestation of the scene from the Batman movie where the Joker throws a splintered pool cue onto the ground and forces them to fight to the death. The loser of this game should absolutely be fired come Monday. If the Jets lose, I wouldn’t even wait and would escort Gase to the parking lot directly from the field. We’ll mail you your personal effects. Both of these teams have likely quit and there will be no fire on either side, save for Leonard Williams who will absolutely have at least two sacks for the Giants.

Having said that, the Jets are going to win this game. They have to. I’ve just arrive to the tailgate and me and Big Dog are going to have enough beer to drown a horse. Take the Jets and the points. Why stop now?

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