Rich Homie John Week 11

Well this week the Jets head on the road and *adjusts glasses* are a +2.5 point underdog to the 1-8 Washington Redskins starting a rookie QB making his second career start and a 34 year old running back? Am I reading that right? That can’t possibly be true. So this is what it has become for the 2019 New York Jets. Underdogs to a 1-win team that saw its best player (Trent Williams) sit out the entire season rather than come anywhere near the franchise. The mere fact that the Jets are underdogs in this game drives me nuts. How does the owner not see how bad this is?! The Jets had playoff aspirations this season! Instead of what should be happening, which is absolute teardown and fumigation of the entire coaching staff, we inexplicably get promised an additional 23 games of this absolute catastrophe.

The sad state of the current Jets season has forced some reflection. Some people say I’m a pessimist, that I find the negative in everything. Some have called me a curmudgeon. This is all true, I am who I am. The reality is that I’ve had  three true moments of happiness as a human during the past decade. Number one is my wedding day (putting this here even though my wife wisely doesn’t read this). A close number two is David Harris’ interception on Brady in the 2011 postseason. Calvin Pace beating Seabass Volmer to disrupt the pass – man, that ruled. I still can’t believe Alge Crumpler hawked him down. Harris must be the slowest man on earth. Number three is when Sanchez hit Dougie Edwards on a double move on the second play of the first quarter in the AFCCG against the Colts to take a 7-3 lead. I actually bought in for that brief moment in time and it felt amazing. That play also ruled. I still watch those highlights on Youtube just to feel alive. I felt a brief moment of life last week when Jamal Adams strip sacked Danny Jones and returned it for a TD. Other than those small moments like the Adams play, I have been a husk of a man simply existing for the past decade. Will we look back in ten years and remember anything about this Jets season? Nothing positive, thats for sure. I’m reduced to watching ten year old highlights for any sort of stimulation on Sundays. And looking like a lunatic on Twitter demanding Adam Gase be fired.

To bring it all together, one man involved in two of those moments of happiness I describe above is coaching for the Washington Redskins today. Bill Callahan was with the Jets from 2008-2011 and was the architect of the offensive line during that time. That was the best unit on the team. Do I have any faith in Adam Gase to out coach Bill Callahan? Absolutely not! The Jets are at a decided coaching disadvantage. I am having difficulty rationalizing why the Jest are the underdogs here but the smart money appears to be all over Washington. I can’t bring myself to pick Washington, so let’s take the under. The ‘Skins are going to run the ball no matter how little success they may have against the Jets solid run defense. The Jets, as we know, cannot do a damn thing on offense and are wholly incapable of making any in game adjustments that would potentially increase effectiveness. Although incredibly low, I think it stays under 37.5. Let’s say 21-10 final.

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