Week 12 Thursday Night Football

I have confirmation that the Texans will be in color rush but no such confirmation from the Colts. That’s a little unsettling considering how close to game time we are. The Colts come into this one very banged up, with Mack out and Hilton back for the first time in multiple weeks. I doubt he will have his normal work load after missing multiple games. I bet on the Texans last week and they up and shit the bed. They woke up Sunday morning in a pile of shit and played like it on the field. I expect them to bounce back. They lost their previous meeting against the Colts by seven in a game where Watson struggled. I don’t know what it is about the Colts but I just don’t like betting them, and I love betting the Texans. Give me the Texans even at -5.5. Also I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t mention Melo is playing prime time tonight, so get a second screen ready. His O/U for points is at 13.5 and that’s the easiest over I’ve ever seen. This will be Melos welcome back game, feed me over 13.5.

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