Week 12 Winners

On a bit of a cold streak after my hot streak but that’s okay because we’ll be right back to winning this week. Thursday night was a real up and down one. The Texans looked like they were a for sure loser early on, then they got up by 3 with the chance to push their lead to more but the Colts let them run the clock out. However, I also gave out a Melo prop winner, after Vegas set the disrespectful line of 13.5 points. I’m going to keep my eye on that going forward because with Lillard out, Melo is going to get plenty of offensive touches so anything under 16 points will be a must bet for the Big Dog.

Also a quick note on Pitt Football, at least they didn’t waste anyone’s time and got right to ripping our hearts out. The Orange Bowl was a pipe dream, the Coastal Championship was a pipe dream and I’m thankful this year they were efficient with ruining everyone’s dreams. Now I can know I won’t have to watch either my college or NFL teams in meaningful games the rest of the way. Some may find that depressing, and while it is, it’s also a relief. Like I said, it’s basketball season, is anyone even still watching football? Lets make some picks.

CAR @ NO (-9.5) (O/U 45.5)

Do you think Panther fans still want to keep Kyle Allen over Cam Newton, after the STINKERS Allen has put up recently? Everyone was talking about it as if it was a foregone conclusion and I didn’t understand why. Kyle Allen stinks, and he has the hands of a 6 lbs 8 oz little baby boy. If he played the way he did against the Falcons how do you think he will fare against a top 5 defense like the Saints? I’m sure the Panthers will lean heavily on CMC as they have all year but it’s a little tougher to do that when you are playing the team 3rd in the NFL against the rush. Since it’s a divisional game, I expect the Panthers defense to keep them close in this one so I don’t like any spread play but I do like the Under in this one. Pick: Under 45.5 Prediction: NO 24 CAR 16

SEA @ PHL (-1)

This is a line that I do not get. The Eagles opened this one at -3 and I don’t even think the players own mothers believe they should be favored in this game. As of this writing the line continues to move toward the Seahawks, so I’d get your bets in while you can to get a favorable spread. If the Eagles lose anymore WRs look for them to reenact the movie Incredible and sign someone off the street. A quick note on the movie incredible: has there ever been a less deserving human in the history of the world to get a movie made about them? I mean seriously, Vince Papale is a bonafide scrub and the fact they made a movie about him is deplorable. The guy is a loser, and whoever green lit the movie should be forced to have a lobotomy. One last thing, fuck you Vince I hope to run into you on the street one day so I can kick your ass. I haven’t forgotten about what you did to me my Junior year of high school and I never will. You are my mortal enemy and it is my life goal to help people realize what a BUM you really are. Pick: SEA +1 Prediction: SEA 24 PHL 21

DET (-4) @ WAS (O/U 39.5)

This game may actually be played in an empty stadium. Tickets for this game were going for $4 on the aftermarket as people are basically begging someone to buy their tickets so they don’t have to sit through this. We are less then 2 hours till game time and it will cost you more to buy a beer in the stadium than it will to get into said stadium. I love it when teams are so bad that you can basically get into their games for free. I remember I once went to a Sixers vs. Jazz game where the stub hub fee cost more than the ticket. Man those were the days, now it’ll cost you $50 dollars minimum to get into any Sixers game. Say what you will about your team being shitty, but it’s a lot easier to see them live when they stink. Having said all this, I like the over in this game. Everyone is loving the Under here but I think this is a game with a lot of points. Both defenses stink out loud and both offenses have weapons to score the ball. Pick: Over 39.5 Prediction: DET 24 WAS 17

Lightning Round:

BUF -3.5:

This is another game where I am a little thrown off by the line. The Bills are 7-3 at home and the Broncos are 3-7 traveling east with Brandon Allen as their QB. I just don’t see how the Broncos put any points on the board in this one. The Broncos defense has been playing better of late, but so has Josh Allen. He has cut down his turnovers and playing smart football. I expect the Bills to cover easy.

JAC @ TEN Under 41.5:

I’m surprised to see the public on betting 60% on the over in this one. Maybe I’m used to seeing this game on Thursday night football but I feel like this one always stays below 40 total points. Both teams will just try to run the ball down the other ones throat and both teams have good defenses. I have a rule of thumb that in games where Ryan Tannehill and Nick Foles are the quarterbacks, always bet the Under.

GB -3:

We have a nice game to end the Sunday slate with Green Bay playing San Fran in Levi Stadium. The Cardinals gave the Niners a run for their money last week and I think an Aaron Rodgers led offense will be able to put points on the board. I still just don’t believe in Jimmy G. I know he has been solid this year but he hasn’t blown me away in any game he’s played. Even this past week, he put up over 400 yards and 4 TDs but also threw 2 picks. I still think that if you make Jimmy G try and beat you, you will have a chance to beat the Niners.

-Big Dog

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