Return of Rich Homie John

Kicking off Week 15 action finds the Jets in the third and final prime time game of their season. The previous two MNF games did not go well. Not well, as in 56-3 cumulative score. The Jets have the 3 which came on an early FG in the Browns game week 2. There has been somewhat of a trend the past decade of the Jets playing on National TV and immediately filling their diaper with molten hot diarrhea that streams down the proverbial leg to horrify the entire nation. The only good prime time game that comes to mind was MNF last season against the Lions, and despite the win, that game began with Darnold throwing a pick-6 on his first career throw.

I fully expect Adam Gase to be exposed once again in front of a national audience. In fact I am going to take glee in the Jets incompetence. The team is using the media to try and perpetuate the theory that the Jets stand no chance due to injuries, and not a complete lack of coaching acumen. Obviously this is BS. Injuries abound across the NFL and plenty of other teams manage to scheme game plans and remain competitive. For Gase, the injuries provide cover for the fact that he cannot adapt or scheme to even bother to remain competitive. It is my greatest hope that the Jets offense looks so meager tonight that the ownership is thoroughly embarrassed and will reconsider its commitment to Gase.

The Jets opened at +14.5 and have blown all the way out to +17. They are three-score underdogs in and NFL Game!! This is supposedly a professional football organization! But I get why the line is so high. Gase is an idiot and Lamar Jackson is a phenom. Greg Roman is cooking with gas and Lamar has made all the right decisions so far. I watched the Ravens blow the Rams out of their own building a few weeks ago. Who in their right mind would back the Jets here? You’d have to be a lunatic even though a three score underdog in the NFL is downright insulting. I think the most value here is on the Jets team total. The Jets have scored 3 points in 8 quarters of prime time football in 2019. How do we expect them to score 14 points in 4 quarters on a short week against the best team in the league? Take the team total under 14 and join me in relishing the complete incompetence of Adam Gase and Co.

Big Dog Checking in:

Also we’re gonna take Melo over 15.5 in points. The prodigal son returning to Denver, he’s putting up 30 minimum.

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